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Our little miracle baby is here because of you, and I can't express how very thankful we are for everything you did.

Our last embryo turned into miracle baby Ariana
Our last embryo turned into miracle baby Ariana

Our last embryo turned into miracle baby Ariana

A lovely message from Ariana’s parents.

I always wanted to talk about the subject of fertility because it’s something many people don’t often talk about and yet it’s something so many people/couples struggle with.

I just wanted to wait until our Ariana was here and all was ok before I did, that’s why it’s taken a little while. 🤗


For those that don’t know, Andy and I had a difficult time getting pregnant. We tried for years and years and it just wasn’t happening for us. I won’t go into all the details as I don’t think there’s enough space on here.

After many unsuccessful attempts, failed IVF, miscarriage & being told you’re so old that your chances are slim, it’s safe to say you start to lose hope.


IVF can be mentally physically and emotionally draining, so when we were recommended the Herts & Essex Fertility Centre by a friend of my sisters (thank you, Gemma) we thought let’s give it one more go… last attempt.


Every single person we ever spoke to or saw at the clinic was so nice and helpful.

They honestly made us feel so welcome and comfortable and we instantly knew we were in safe hands.


If anyone has struggled/is struggling to get pregnant, I HIGHLY recommend Herts & Essex Fertility Centre

I know how difficult the journey is.

I know that you can often feel alone.

I know that everywhere you look you probably see pregnant women or babies and it crushes you.

I know it feels like it will never happen.

I know you probably cry every time your period comes.


But I do know that Herts & Essex Fertility Centre will make that journey easier for you.

They will cater your treatment to you and do their best to make your baby dreams come true.


Herts & Essex Fertility Centre made our dreams come true and made our little family complete and we will forever be grateful to them.


Ariana was our last embryo so when we say she’s our little miracle, she really is. 💕


If anyone wants to talk about anything relating to fertility treatment, please feel free to get in touch, (@_meandminime_), if I can help anyone on this difficult journey I will anyway I can 😘

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