A heterosexual couple interested in surrogacy

Stephanie and Robert were recommended to our clinic via their surrogacy agency COTS

They had been trying for a baby for 8 years, and in that time Stephanie had suffered 5 miscarriages. She had undergone investigations, and it was discovered that she had a malformation in her uterus making it difficult for her to carry a pregnancy. Therefore surrogacy had been recommended.

They were already in the process of initially getting to know a surrogate when they came to the clinic, but they were keen to have a cycle to create and freeze embryos in the meantime. Two months after their initial visit to the clinic, they had 9 frozen embryos safely in storage.

Stephanie and Robert were recommended to our clinic via their surrogacy agency COTS
*The names in this treatment journey have been changed to protect the patient's confidentiality.
A heterosexual couple interested in surrogacy | Stephanie and Robert were recommended to our clinic via their surrogacy agency COTS

The following month they brought Laura, their surrogate, and her husband in for a consultation appointment. They had spent 3 months getting to know each other and felt ready to proceed.

They had taken legal advice and had a signed agreement between them all, which showed clear intent for their surrogacy arrangement.

They were referred to our counsellor and once we were happy that they had discussed the implications of the surrogacy arrangement, we started the process for Laura’s treatment cycle the following month.

Laura had a single thawed blastocyst transferred 5 months after Stephanie and Robert had originally attended the clinic. 9 months later they welcomed the beautiful baby Lilly to the world.

Intending Parents
ICSI Surrogacy Cycle£7,450  
HFEA Fee£85
Female MedicationApprox. £1,800  
Intending parents screening
Female donor screening (HE6)£775  
Male donor screening (HE7)£700  
Semen assessment, prep & Freeze (up to 1 year)£525  
Male donor screening post quarantine (NAT test)£155  
Female donor repeat HE6a£155  
Includes 1 hour Consultation + AMH
New Consultation (inc. AMH)£250  
Surrogate Screening (HE2a)£280
Surrogate drugsApprox. £500  
Partner screening (HE1a)£185
Saline Infusion Sonography & Pipelle£425
Pregnancy test£40  
Pregnancy scan£195
*This costs apply to patients who will be using their own eggs or using donor eggs form a known donor. Bespoke to suits each patients requirements

The key benefits of this treatment journey at Herts & Essex Fertility Centre

Award winning surrogacy fertility clinic

At Herts & Essex Fertility Centre our surrogacy team has successfully completed over 100 cycles of Surrogacy treatments in the last 5 years.

Personalised Service

Our recipients and surrogate were offered the care and personal attention that reflect our high standards of services. Our personal touch, attention to detail, accessibility and deep empathy is what define our team. Our patients know we care.

All treatments in one location

Be assured you won’t be asked to travel around different locations as all your appointments and treatments, from your initial consultation and screenings to your treatment, take place in one place, our clinic.

A heterosexual couple interested in surrogacy

Have you ever thought of egg sharing for no cost IVF treatment

Egg sharing anonymously brings together women who need IVF treatment for different reasons. One woman will potentially have the ability to make plenty of eggs during her own IVF treatment while the other is waiting for the precious gift of donated eggs to fulfil her dream of a baby.

It gives women, who generously wish to donate eggs, the opportunity to help another woman and in return helps towards funding her much-needed IVF treatment.

Can anyone become an egg share donor?

Unfortunately not. Egg sharers are donating eggs to another woman and there are strict criteria in place in order to become an egg donor.

Find out more about egg sharing here

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