I want to donate my sperm

Donating your sperm

Historically, British men have always been generous in donating their sperm to fertility clinics. The 2005 law removing donor anonymity saw donor numbers drop. All donors of either sperm or eggs are required to be identifiable and contactable by any children born as a result of their donation if they so wish once they have turned 18.

These numbers are gradually growing, but so is the demand for donor sperm.

We have a continuous need for sperm donations to help single women, heterosexual and same-sex couples of all ethnicities, begin their families. As we run our own HFEA approved sperm bank, we are always keen to hear from potential donors. To find out more, read our Donating Sperm page.

Sperm donation can either be altruistic in return for expenses incurred or via our sperm sharing scheme, which enables a couple to receive one funded* IVF treatment cycle in exchange for the male partner becoming a registered sperm donor (*excluding drugs, screening and HFEA fee).

At the Herts & Essex Fertility Centre, we operate our very own licensed sperm bank and would be interested to hear from anyone considering donating their sperm altruistically, or as part of our sperm-sharing scheme.

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How do I donate sperm?

All men between the ages of 18 and 45 are eligible to consider sperm donation. Your first step would be to make a consultation appointment with one of our fertility consultants. We would ask that you have completed a Sperm Donor Health Questionnaire in advance of this appointment, and this will need to be signed and verified by your family doctor at a later date. We will also require a semen sample on the day of your appointment to assess your suitability for donation. Prior to this appointment, we ask that you abstain from intercourse/ejaculation for three days.

Should you decide to proceed we would need to complete consent forms as part of the registration process with our regulatory body, the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA), as well as conduct a number of screening tests to ensure the samples you donate, are safe for any recipients who will later use them. These screening tests are performed by taking urine and blood samples from you. When we register your details, we will make note of your physical characteristics, for example, your height, hair and eye colour, as well as your ethnicity and religion, occupation and interests/skills. Patients choosing a sperm donor can only be told this limited information to assist them in selecting their sperm donor.

Becoming a sperm donor does require dedication; you need to consider your proximity to the clinic and whether donation is something you can commit to. Most of our donors will make approximately 10 visits to the clinic over a 12-week period. You will need to donate 50 vials of sperm and the visits required to produce this amount will be individual to each person. Each sperm sample is frozen and stored in quarantine for a minimum period of 3 months, and thereafter we will need you to return to the clinic for rescreening. This will confirm that you are still infection-free, and your samples are safe to be used for our patients.

What else do I need to know and consider?

You will be required to see our independent counsellor who will talk you through all of the implications you/and your partner will need to consider about donating your sperm.

The only people that will be informed of your donation are the HFEA and our staff here at the clinic. You will be recorded as a sperm donor on the HFEA register and any patient using your sperm will have their treatment and any resulting outcome recorded on their register. The HFEA now require all those donating sperm to be identifiable to any children born as a result of their donation. This means the child will be able to make contact with the donor via the HFEA if they wish to when they reach the age of 18. You will not be considered a legal parent or be financially responsible for any child born from your donation. The HFEA has set a maximum limit of ten families which can be created using donated sperm; this is to prevent the risk of accidental consanguinity between donor-conceived people.

Am I entitled to be compensated for the donation of my sperm?

All altruistic sperm donors can be compensated £35 per donated sample, as in accordance with guidelines set by the HFEA. The maximum amount that any sperm donor can claim is a total of £350.

Sperm sharers can embark on their funded treatment cycle following the 3-month re-screening period after their last donation, or should you wish to commence your treatment immediately, you have the option of paying upfront and being reimbursed following satisfactory re-screening.

I want to donate my spermCost (£)
Sperm donation compensation£35 per donation  

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Sperm share and fund your IVF cycle

Sperm Sharing works in much the same way as Egg Sharing: a healthy man with normal sperm parameters can donate sperm samples to help others requiring donor sperm, and in return will receive one funded* fertility treatment cycle for his partner.

You will need to register as a sperm donor and make your donations before your partner’s treatment begins. Once again, there is a time commitment to consider, but your donation could help as many as ten families. Find out more on the Sperm Sharing page.
*excluding female drugs and screening, HFEA fee, ICSI, embryo freezing and SIS.

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Am I eligible to use the sperm sharing scheme?

We are very happy to discuss the possibility of sperm sharing with men between the ages of 18 and 45 whose sperm parameters are normal. If you are interested in the scheme you will need to discuss it with one of our Fertility Consultants and complete a sperm donor health questionnaire. If you have already had your sperm analysis done, we may be able to advise you immediately whether you are eligible.


All sperm donors whether altruistic or sperm sharing must also understand the implications of becoming a donor, both in the short and the long term. Mandatory fertility counselling is held with an independent counsellor and at least one session is required for all our sperm donors and their partners. This is free of charge.

Screening tests

Blood screening tests that include genetic tests and screening for infectious diseases will be taken before suitability will be finally confirmed.

Some of these tests will then need to be repeated after 3 months quarantine period before your sperm is able to be used.

How many sperm samples do I need to provide?

You will need to provide us with a sperm sample for assessment and, if you meet the criteria to become a sperm sharer, you will then be asked to produce approximately 10 samples over a 12 week period. Samples must have been banked before your own treatment cycle with your partner is completed. At your first appointment, you will complete and sign some consent forms as part of the registration process to our regulatory body, the HFEA.

Sperm donation does require a commitment from you to attend the clinic for a number of visits, so you must consider carefully whether this is definitely something you want to do, as well as how convenient it is for you to make the necessary visits.

Can I restrict how my sperm is used?

UK law sets a legal maximum of ten families who can benefit from your sperm donation, but you can restrict that number further if you wish. You can withdraw your consent at any time if you change your mind, but it’s important to note that if you do, you are liable for all screening costs incurred during your donation and the cost of your own family’s treatment cycle, including the cost of drugs.

Who will have information about my donation?

Our staff is bound by confidentially in all matters of fertility treatments at the Centre. Information of your donation will be held by the HFEA. You will be recorded as a sperm donor on the HFEA’s register and any patient using your sperm will have their treatment and any resulting outcome recorded as well.

For more information about becoming a donor visit www.hfea.gov.uk.

When can we begin our own fertility treatment?

You will be able to begin your fertility treatment when the 3 month quarantine period is complete and your donations, usually 10, have been released for use. If you wish to commence treatment immediately, you can do so by paying for your treatment. The cost of your treatment will be refunded to you once your quarantine is complete and your rescreening test results are normal.

Find out more

For more information on sperm sharing, please contact our donation coordinator by calling Sarah or Caroline on 01992 78 50 65 or email Sarah.Templeman@hertsandessexfertility.com or caroline.cayley@hertsandessexfertility.com

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Fees for Sperm Sharing Donors – 2023*Cost (£)
IVF treatment cycleNo Charge  
HFEA Fees£85  
Saline Infusion Sonography£485  
Female Screening (HE2a)£187  
Male Donor Screening (HE7)No charge  
Female Medication (This price is approximate & will depend on female age)£1,800 – 2,700  
Additional Laboratory fees  
Embryo Glue£275
Embryo freezing and 1 years storage£810  
Additional years storage (if required)£396  
ICSI supplement (if required)£1,200  
Pregnancy scan£215  
* Any Medication following Egg Collection including Cyclogest will be charged accordingly

Additional blood tests may be necessary depending on Medical history.
Additional costs will be incurred if you decide to withdraw.

I want to use donor sperm

Treatment using donor sperm

Many of our patients require the help of a sperm donor to fulfil their dream of becoming parents. Donor sperm is required by heterosexual couples, single women and same-sex couples alike. You can see how your donated sperm is taken, stored and used by reading the Fertility Treatment Journey.

At Herts & Essex Fertility Centre we have our own sperm bank.

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Our very own in-house Donor Sperm Bank

At the Herts & Essex Fertility Centre, we pride ourselves on having an in-house Donor Sperm Bank. We are constantly striving to increase the number of sperm donors, helping to provide our patients with the very best choice when matching for their preferred characteristics. This is made possible by our commitment to our altruistic Sperm Donation and Sperm Sharing schemes.

All sperm donors undergo comprehensive medical screening prior to and following completion of their donation, as well as providing a full family medical history, verified and signed by their GP. Each donated sperm sample is frozen and quarantined for up to six months, and is then released for patient use following satisfactory re-screening. Available information for patients wishing to match themselves with a sperm donor includes hair and eye colour, height and physique, skin tone, blood group, race and religion, as well as educational background, occupation and interests.

Using donor sperm 

Following an initial consultation with one of our fertility specialists, you will be seen by one of our Donor Sperm Coordinators to guide your next steps. Firstly, a characteristics form is completed to detail your own physical characteristics along with any partner, and your desired/preferred characteristics of the sperm donor. You will then be offered a choice of available donors based on your selection criteria.

For patients who require ethnic minority sperm or have very specific requests which may not be met by our in-house donor bank, we offer the option of purchasing sperm from other UK centres or even importing sperm from abroad.

We will guide you step-by-step in the provision of your sperm donor, offering a personalised and supportive service to make the process simple and stress-free as you embark on your treatment journey.

Donor Waiting Times

Ethnicity Waiting times
White Immediately available
Black Please click here for our inhouse Sperm Bank
Asian Please click here for our inhouse Sperm Bank
Mixed Please click here for our inhouse Sperm Bank
Other ethnic groups Please click here for our inhouse Sperm Bank

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Fees for Donor Sperm – 2023*Cost (£)
New Consultation£350
IVF treatment cycle£3,850  
HFEA Fees£85  
Saline Infusion Sonography£485  
Blood test (Female) (HE2a)£187  
Blood test (Partner) (HE1a)£137.50  
Medication£1,800 – £2,700  
Use of HEFC donor sperm (if applicable)£1,000  
Admin fee for use of external sperm** – LSB£500  
Admin fee for use of external sperm** – Xytex£750  
ICSI fee when using external donor sperm£1,200  
Embryo freezing and 1 years storage£810  
Additional years storage (if required)£396  
Cyclogest Post Pregnancy test (15)£24  
Blastocyst culture – refunded if not required£600  
Embryo Glue£275
Pregnancy scan£215  
* Any Medication following Egg Collection including Cyclogest will be charged accordingly
** Does not include the cost of donor sperm

Additional blood tests may be necessary depending on Medical history.


A surrogate is a woman who becomes pregnant and carries the pregnancy through to birth on behalf of another woman or couple. At the Herts & Essex Fertility Centre, we provide the full range of fertility assessments and treatments to make surrogacy possible.

To find out more about finding a suitable surrogate mother and the fertility treatments involved, please read our Surrogacy page.

If you’ve read our further pages on donating eggs, donating sperm and surrogacy and you’re interested in helping, we’d love to meet you. Please call Caroline or Sarah, our donation coordinators on 01992 78 50 65 or email enquiries@hertsandessexfertility.com.

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