Intrauterine insemination (IUI)

IUI is a procedure where the healthiest available sperm is introduced directly into the woman’s womb to facilitate fertilisation.

What is IUI?

Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is a procedure where the healthiest available sperm is introduced directly into the womb.

IUI is used to aid pregnancy under several circumstances:

  • If the male partner experiences impotence or severe premature ejaculation
  • If the female partner has problems with ovulation
  • For Unexplained Infertility
  • For single women and couples using donor sperm

Your initial consultation will determine if you are a suitable candidate for IUI. At least one of your fallopian tubes must be healthy enough, which we can determine through a variety of methods such as laparoscopy and dye test or HyCoSy. If you are using your partner’s sperm they will need to have a semen analysis.

The IUI programme is monitored using ultrasound scans so that ovulation can be timed more accurately. The insemination procedure is usually simple and similar to a cervical smear test. It only takes a few minutes; using a very fine catheter, the prepared sperm is deposited inside the uterus via the cervix.

Chances of Success with IUI

The success of this treatment depends on:

  • the cause of infertility
  • the woman’s age
  • the sperm count and sperm quality of the sample (fresh sperm leads to higher conception rates than frozen sperm)
  • whether or not fertility medicines are used to stimulate ovulation (this can increase your chances of success)

As there are many different factors involved, it is advised to consult our fertility experts about your individual chances of success.

The success rate for IUI is only 17% per treatment, so you may have to be prepared for a number of attempts of IUI procedures unless you decide at any point to try other fertility treatment options such as IVF.

Treatment CostAverage Cost (£)
New consultation – heterosexual and same-sex couples£400
New consultation – single lady£350
Pre-treatment Screening – Female£170
Pre-treatment Screening – Partner£125
IUI – Intra uterine insemination£1,150
Medication - based on an average length of stimulation.£300 - £500
If you wish to use donor sperm in your IUI treatment, our embryology team will help guide you through the process of procuring donor sperm from an appropriate external sperm donor bank  
Import fees for external donor sperm£750  
Donor sperm HFEA fees£37.50  
Pregnancy scan£195
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