A heterosexual couple interested in IVF

Alice and Mark finally got their dream baby

Alice and Mark had been trying naturally for a very long time before deciding to proceed to the IVF route. Along the way, they suffered miscarriages, ectopic pregnancy, and six unsuccessful IVF cycles all of which were a very difficult and emotional journey. “The most important element of our journey is that we did not give up hope”, they said.

Alice was diagnosed with PCOS and one functioning tube however it wasn’t clear why her treatment wasn’t successful and so when all their hopes felt lost, they decided to try egg donation.

Alice and Mark finally got their dream baby
*The names in this treatment journey have been changed to protect the patient's confidentiality.
A heterosexual couple interested in IVF | Alice and Mark finally got their dream baby

We were shocked and thrilled to fall pregnant on our first attempt and really cannot put into words how fortunate we are and how eternally grateful we are to our altruistic donor.

If we were able to, we would like to thank her in person, however, we do not know how we would ever be able to put into words how much having our little baby boy has changed our world.

We read the testimonials upon researching into H&E and never in a million years did we think we would be writing about our own success story. We will never take our family for granted and will send positive thoughts to all of those facing similar journeys. We hope our story gives others the hope and strength to continue on… Dare to dream

New Consultation Fee£400  
Recruitment fee for egg donation programme (non-refundable)£450  
Egg donation cycle (Inc. ICSI, donor medication & Blood tests (HE6)£7,750  
Saline Infusion Sonography£485
HFEA Fee£85
CMV for recipient£77
Thyroid Profile (TFT)£44  
Screening for recipient & partner (HE1a) + (HE2a)£324.50
Progynova (84)£15
Cyclogest (4 boxes)£96
Embryo Glue£275
Pregnancy scan£215
* The price list above sets out the 2023 costs of common treatments, investigations, and services as an illustration only and does not include medication as this is relevant to each individual's circumstances. If you would like further details please contact us.

The key benefits of this treatment journey at Herts & Essex Fertility Centre

Personalised Service

We offer a one to one service. Our patients feel that they could not wish for a higher standard of care and personal attention, whatever the outcome of their treatment. They appreciate our personal touch, attention to detail, accessibility and deep empathy.

Our very own Egg Donation team

At the Herts & Essex Fertility Centre, we pride ourselves on our very own in-house Egg Donation team which helps ease donors’ experience and allows recipients to find the right donor for them. The team ensures that recipients’ and donors’ requirements are being matched in a very discreet and confidential manner.

A heterosexual couple interested in IVF

Have you ever thought of egg sharing for no cost IVF treatment

Egg sharing anonymously brings together women who need IVF treatment for different reasons. One woman will potentially have the ability to make plenty of eggs during her own IVF treatment while the other is waiting for the precious gift of donated eggs to fulfil her dream of having a baby.

It gives women, who generously wish to donate eggs, the opportunity to help other women and in return, it helps towards funding their much-needed IVF treatment.

Can anyone become an egg share donor?

Unfortunately not. Egg sharers are donating eggs to another woman and there are strict criteria in place in order to become an egg donor.

Find out more about egg sharing here

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