A same sex female couple interested at IVF

Meet Sally, Ann & Wilf

After being together for almost 5 years, celebrating my 35th birthday, and going through all the normal things such as progressing our careers and buying a house, we both decided that it was time to start a family, however, trying for a baby when you are a lesbian couple requires a great deal of planning and gathering of information.

The obvious financial involvement was a key factor for us and of course the clinic’s success rates were also important. Three couples we knew had used Herts & Essex Fertility Clinic, and couldn’t stop raving about how they had felt so comfortable and supported whilst they went through their treatment.

Meet Sally, Ann & Wilf
*The names in this treatment journey have been changed to protect the patient's confidentiality.
A same sex female couple interested at IVF | Meet Sally, Ann & Wilf

We booked to go to one of the open days in December; we initially went just to see what we could find out about the treatment and see how we felt about the place.

In the end, this was the only open day we went to.

We felt that we didn’t need to look any further as we’d found exactly what we were looking for. When you go to Herts & Essex, you feel comfortable; we weren’t the token ‘lesbian couple’, and we were treated just like anyone who needed help having a baby.

During the open day, we were both offered the chance to have an AMH test done, as part of a full consultation package offer. The consultation is also where we were told what the best options were for us. We discussed ICSI as being the most potentially successful route for us, along with the recommendation that we used my partner’s eggs due to her high level of fertility. Then we discussed egg sharing. For us, this was a really easy decision to make. We were going to need someone who had donated sperm so that we could start a family. So we knew that the very least we could do is egg share so that someone else could be offered the same opportunity.

IVF treatment cycleNo Charge  
New Consultation (Refunded if accepted on to the programme)£50 ** 
HFEA fees£80 **
Saline Infusion Sonography onlyNo Charge
Pipelle onlyNo Charge
SIS/Pipelle togetherNo Charge  
Blood tests (partner- HE1a)No Charge  
Use of HEFC donor sperm (if applicable)£750 ** 
Embryo freezing and 1 years storage£600 **
Additional years storage (if required)£360 ** 
ICSI£650 ** 
Cyclogest Post Pregnancy test (15)£24 ** 
Pregnancy scan£150 **
Embryo Glue£150 **
* The price list above sets out the 2020 costs of common treatments, investigations, and services as an illustration only and does not include medication as this is relevant to each individual's circumstances. If you would like further details please contact us.

** Average cost

The key benefits of this treatment journey at Herts & Essex Fertility Centre

Personalised Service

We offer a 1 to 1 service. All of our patients feel that they could not wish for a higher standard of care and personal attention, whatever the outcome of their treatment. They appreciate our personal touch, attention to detail, our accessibility and deep empathy. They know we care.

Our very own in-house Donor Sperm Bank

At the Herts & Essex Fertility Centre, we pride ourselves on having an in-house Donor Sperm Bank. We are constantly striving to increase the number of sperm donors, helping to provide our patients with the very best choice when matching for their preferred characteristics. This is made possible by our commitment to our altruistic Sperm Donation and Sperm Sharing schemes.

Egg sharing

Funded IVF for Egg Share donors: Patients who donate half of their collected eggs to our Egg Share programme are being rewarded with a funded IVF treatment.

Sperm sharing

We offer a similar scheme to our Sperm Share donors.

A same sex female couple interested at IVF

All the wishing and dreaming has paid off

In January, a year and a month after initially visiting the clinics Open Day, we welcomed our baby boy into our lives. He was late and took his time to arrive but, oh my goodness, he was worth the wait.

Have you ever thought of egg sharing for no cost IVF treatment

Egg sharing anonymously brings together women who need IVF treatment for different reasons. One woman will potentially have the ability to make plenty of eggs during her own IVF treatment while the other is waiting for the precious gift of donated eggs to fulfil her dream of a baby.

It gives women, who generously wish to donate eggs, the opportunity to help another woman and in return helps towards funding her much-needed IVF treatment.

Can anyone become an egg share donor?

Unfortunately not. Egg sharers are donating eggs to another woman and there are strict criteria in place in order to become an egg donor.

Find out more about egg sharing here

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