Frozen embryo replacement

Cryopreservation, or freezing, of surplus good quality embryos following embryo transfer allows the storage of embryos for future use.

Frozen embryo replacement

If these embryos develop into good quality blastocysts on either day 5 or day 6 they can be frozen and stored for you to use in a future treatment cycle.

We routinely freeze embryos at the blastocyst stage, however, in exceptional circumstances we are able to freeze embryos at all developmental stages.

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Embryos can remain safely in storage for many years, enabling you to choose when the time is right for you to use them. The storage of embryos has been performed successfully for many years with scientific studies demonstrating there are no long term detrimental effects following embryo freezing.

Freezing your embryos enables you to use them in a future treatment cycle without the additional expense and inconvenience of having to undergo stimulation and a subsequent egg collection procedure.

The freezing and thawing process is quite stressful for the embryos and sometimes not all of the embryos will survive. For this reason your chance of a successful pregnancy in a frozen embryo replacement cycle is slightly lower than in a fresh cycle. Our embryology team will be able to guide you on our survival rates and how many you should thaw and transfer to give yourself the best possible chance of a successful pregnancy.

Our clinicians will advise you whether a natural cycle (without the need for stimulation) or an artificial cycle (mild stimulation with fertility drugs) is the most suitable treatment option for you. During your treatment you will be closely monitored to ensure the lining of your womb develops to provide the optimum environment for transferring your thawed embryo(s). The timing of your embryo transfer is important and your embryos will only be thawed when the lining of your womb is ready to receive your embryos.

Fees for Frozen Embryo transfer (FER)Cost (£)
Follow up appointment for failed FERFree
Embryo glue£210
HFEA fee£80
Transfer – this will be refunded if transfer doesn’t go ahead£200  
Follow up appointment for returning patients (12 months or more)
Female and male screening tests£260
Pregnancy testIncluded  
Pregnancy scan£175
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