Sperm freezing

We offer fertility preservation in the form of sperm freezing and banking for men who wish to store their sperm to use for fertility treatment in the future.

Sperm freezing

Treatment with chemotherapy or radiotherapy or surgery for conditions that may damage your fertility is the most common reason for freezing sperm. It may be that you are about to undergo a vasectomy, or are undergoing treatment for cancer, or have a sperm count or sperm quality that is deteriorating prematurely.

We also freeze donated sperm before it can be used in sperm donation treatment. This allows for the sample to be routinely quarantined and undergo the required screening. The duration of quarantine depends on the method of blood screening – if it is NAT testing then the quarantine period is three months.


What is involved?

Freezing sperm is a relatively simple process. You will have an initial consultation with a Fertility Consultant who will explain fully the processes involved in freezing and storing your sperm. A semen sample is required on the day of your consultation to assess your sperm quality.

At your next appointment, you will be routinely screened for infectious diseases, including HIV and Hepatitis B and C.

The Human Fertilisation & Embryology Authority (HFEA) requires that you complete written consent forms for us to freeze and store your sperm. The forms allow you to stipulate the circumstances under which your sperm can be used, what should happen to your sperm if you were to die or become unable to make a decision yourself, for how long you want to store your sperm (usually ten years), whether your partner can use the sperm later to create a family and whether you wish to be recorded as the father of any child born after your death.


As part of our fertility preservation service, you will have access to independent counselling to enable you to talk openly about the implications of your sperm freezing treatment.

How do I use my frozen sperm?

When you are ready to use your sperm, it will be thawed and the sperm quality tested before deciding on the best insemination method to use for fertilisation.

Sperm FreezingCost (£)
New Consultation£250  
Semen analysis including HBA test£195  
Patient Pre-Treatment Screening£200
Sperm freeze incl one year of storage£680  
Annual storage fee after the first year£396  
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