A single female interested in IVF

Sophia fulfilled her wish of having a child on her own

After my first visit to Herts & Essex Fertility Centre, I knew this was the place to continue my journey of changing my life in a positive way.

I did not visit the clinic due to fertility problems but more to fulfil a wish I had of having a child. I did not find Mr Right and I did not want that to stop me from having a child of my own. I was recommended to Herts & Essex by a friend and I am so grateful for the recommendation.

Sophia fulfilled her wish of having a child on her own
*The names in this treatment journey have been changed to protect the patient's confidentiality.
A single female interested in IVF | Sophia fulfilled her wish of having a child on her own

I knew it was important that if I was to embark on this journey I needed to be calm and relaxed. Herts & Essex offered me this. It was not far from London, parking was available, the clinic was small and friendly and thus it was not like any of the bigger centres where I was just seen as another person to process.

Here, people knew me, they saw a glimpse of my personality, and they saw my ups and downs.

Thus returning to visit this small friendly, professional unit with my gorgeous daughter, who started her life here, was such a pleasure.

I would highly recommend coming here no matter why you may want to use their services.

Thank you Herts & Essex

TreatmentCost (£)*
New consultation£250  
Anti-Mullerian Hormone test (AMH) and Thyroid Function Test (TFT)£125  
Patient screening£200
Saline Infusion Sonography£495
Treatment information appointment (TIA) - consultation with a nurse prior to starting treatment£125  
IVF - In vitro fertilisation£3,850
Blastocyst culture (in the event that a day 2 or day 3 embryo transfer is recommended, we will refund you the cost of blastocyst fee)£695  
HFEA Fee£100
Inhouse Donor Sperm£1,300  
ICSI if applicable - see info button£1,300
Medication - based on an average length of stimulationApprox. £1,800-2,700  
Pregnancy scan£200
* The price list above sets out the latest costs of common treatments, investigations, and services as an illustration only and does not include medication as this is relevant to each individual's circumstances. If you would like further details please contact us.

The key benefits of this treatment journey at Herts & Essex Fertility Centre

Personalised Service

We offer a one to one service. Our patients feel that they could not wish for a higher standard of care and personal attention, whatever the outcome of their treatment. They appreciate our personal touch, attention to detail, accessibility and deep empathy.

All treatments in one location

Be assured you won’t be asked to travel around different locations as all your appointments and treatments, from your initial consultation and screenings to your embryo transfer, take place under one roof at our clinic.

A single female interested in IVF

Have you ever thought of egg sharing for no cost IVF treatment

Egg sharing anonymously brings together women who need IVF treatment for different reasons. One woman will potentially have the ability to make plenty of eggs during her own IVF treatment while the other is waiting for the precious gift of donated eggs to fulfil her dream of a baby.

It gives women, who generously wish to donate eggs, the opportunity to help other women and in return, it helps towards funding their much-needed IVF treatment.

Can anyone become an egg share donor?

Unfortunately not. Egg sharers are donating eggs to another woman and there are strict criteria in place in order to become an egg donor.

Find out more about egg sharing here

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