Patient Stories

Our little miracle baby is here because of you, and I can't express how very thankful we are for everything you did.

Gorgeous Luna and Elliot arrived safe and sound
Gorgeous Luna and Elliot arrived safe and sound

Gorgeous Luna and Elliot arrived safe and sound

In January last year, we started our fertility journey with you.

We not only decided to grow our family but to help another get their dream of having a family through egg donation.

We had 2 little fertile eggs put back in to see how they grew and 2 weeks later had the most special positive result….and so the journey really began.

6 weeks in we found out that we had been blessed with 2 fertile and growing eggs.

Week 16 the best result possible with 1 baby boy and 1 baby girl.

On February 2019 Luna Charlotte was born followed by her little brother Elliot Jack 3 minutes later.

Luna happily came straight to recovery with her mummies while our brave little Elliot spent some time in special care unit to support his growth.

Today we have all been reunited in the maternity ward to spend time together and bond as a family.

From the day we had a positive result we have felt truly blessed and very lucky but today we really have been blessed and can’t wait to take our family home to meet all the family and friends who have loved and supported us and them from the very beginning.

From Shaunni and I we can’t thank you enough for making our dreams come true and we wanted to share a few snaps of our little miracles.

Thank you again,

Claire and Shaunni

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