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Did you know…

7th May 2024

Did you know…

With the current crunch in NHS services, especially gynaecology, we have decided to open our doors for more gynaecology work, to include external Ultrasound scans and pregnancy scans to help the thousands of patients out there who needs help.

There is currently an almost 18-week waiting list for gynaecology Ultrasound scans on the NHS and many private hospitals are struggling to cope with the demand for self-funded gynaecology Ultrasound and other appointments.

Our clinic has grown significantly over the last year so we now have five Consultant Gynaecologists, which means that we have more appointments, more availability and for the first time ever, we have virtually no waiting list so now is a good time to get in touch if you need:

IVF, fertility assessments, pregnancy scans or gynaecology surgery such as:
• Laparoscopic surgery
• Hysteroscopic surgery
• Open surgery for large fibroids
• Surgical management of miscarriage

Gynaecology scans provide detailed images to confirm that the pelvic organs are normal or the presence of abnormalities such as:
• Fibroids
• Endometrial polyps
• Ovarian cysts
Polycystic ovaries
• Premature ovarian insufficiency (also known as premature menopause)
• Ovarian cancer screening

When should you have a gynaecology scan?
Gynae scans are recommended if you suspect, or have experienced, one of the following symptoms:
• Irregular or heavy periods
• Bleeding after menopause
• Fibroids
• Pelvic pain
• Difficulties conceiving

Ultrasound services offered at Herts & Essex Fertility Centre include:
• 2D and 3D ultrasound of ovaries and uterus (womb)
• 3D saline infusion sonography of the womb cavity (where indicated)

If you would like to book an appointment for a gynaecology or pregnancy scan, fertility treatment or anything in between please contact our friendly team who would be happy to help you:
01992-785060 or enquiries@hertsandessexfertility.com


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