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Sometimes accepting your decision to stop fertility treatments could help you find peace

21st May 2018

Sometimes accepting your decision to stop fertility treatments could help you find peace

Sometimes accepting your decision to stop fertility treatments could help you find peace, one of our patients, Louise Moloney, explains..

“Our fertility journey started in 2007, it’s really taken its toll on our marriage and to us both individually. We had 2 IVF cycles with Herts & Essex Fertility Centre. Sadly neither resulted in a pregnancy but I have now made peace with my fertility journey and accepted there will be no more children for us.

We are extremely lucky to have twins from a previous cycle who are now 7.

I have to admit it’s a relief to have accepted that it’s over, as it caused a lot of stress and anxiety.

I never believed I would ever accept or deal with not experiencing another pregnancy or having another tiny baby in my life or siblings for my twins. I always thought I’d have a big family.

After 11 long years of it being constantly at the forefront of my mind, it really is an incredible feeling of relief to have let it go.

I’m really proud of myself for reaching this stage of acceptance and happiness. It’s had a really positive effect on us all as a family. I don’t regret our failed cycles, they were tough but they helped lead me to this point.

Anyway, I’d like to thank you all for the wonderful care you gave us and share with you, a little video I made during a snippet of our last round, this time last year.

Thank you again”

We are so happy that Louise has found peace and can enjoy her twins. We wish to her and her lovely family all the very best in their future.

An unsuccessful treatment can be heartbreaking, even when you are trying not to get your hopes up.

It’s never easy to know whether you should carry on with treatment but every woman and couple is different and whilst some people want to know they did everything they could, others prefer to move on from treatment at an earlier stage.

It is always advisable to speak to your doctor for an honest opinion on whether treatment may work for you. Knowing what the chances of it working are may help you take a decision. If you do decide to keep going, please always consider the emotional burden treatment puts on you and your partner (if you have one) and make sure you’re getting plenty of support.

Talking to other people about how they decided when to stop treatment may also help. Fertility Friends has an online forum for people who are thinking about stopping treatment.

At the Herts & Essex Fertility Centre, we provide confidential, professional independent counselling support to couples at any time before, during, or after fertility treatment to help explore these feelings.


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