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Seventh time lucky…
Seventh time lucky…

Seventh time lucky…

My husband and I genuinely do not know where to begin with this email.

Just over a year ago we were one of the couples that won the ‘Fertility Road Magazine’ Facebook competition for a consultation at your clinic.

After 6 years of pure heartbreak and what can only be described as a fertility nightmare consisting of 6 miscarriages and stages of infertility. My husband and I were ready to give up on ever becoming parents. We had seen countless consultants, private and NHS, and no one had any answers for us. When we won the competition we thought let’s just go and ask about surrogacy.

So, on the 15th of October 2018, we walked through your doors and little did we know that you were going to make all of our dreams come true. As soon as we walked in we were greeted with smiles and had a completely different atmosphere to other clinics we had been to, your clinic made us instantly feel relaxed.

As soon as we sat down with Mr. David Ogutu, he already knew exactly what our problem was just by reading through our forms and then confirming what he thought with a 4D scan. He had found what countless consultants had looked for and missed – a partially septate uterus. Within a few weeks, Mr. Ogutu completed my surgery to fix my ‘broken womb & removed endometriosis’ and then within two months of trying we were pregnant again with pregnancy number 7.

We were still absolutely petrified and worried that we would have another miscarriage so we had all of our early scans with Mr. Ogutu. Every time we came for a scan we felt sick to our stomachs waiting for the sad news. Every time Mr. Ogutu reassured us with so much confidence that it was going to be okay. To our absolute amazement, he was right and I sit here writing this today holding my beautiful newborn baby knowing that without your clinic and Mr. Ogutu this would never have been possible.

We will be forever grateful to everyone involved in getting us here to this point, especially Mr. Ogutu. We cannot thank you enough, words can’t even express how thankful we are for everything, you did so much for us. You will never quite know just what you have done for us and our families – you have made a lot of people so happy.

If we can help in any way by being in an article/review or using our story as a case we would be more than happy to help. Even if it raises awareness or gives couples some hope for unexplained miscarriages it would make it worthwhile.

We will never be able to thank you enough, you have given us everything we have ever wanted. ❤️

Thank you.

Laura & Adam Cordina

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