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Partnership with TwoDads UK

1st July 2020

Partnership with TwoDads UK

We are very proud to announce our partnership with TwoDads UK to continue improving our mutual aims of raising awareness of same-sex parenting through UK surrogacy and offering support, guidance and advice to intended parents.

Wes and Michael are Dads to our children, Katie, Talulah and Duke. Talulah and Duke were born with the help of their amazing Surrogate Caroline, (and their incredible egg donors). They are on a mission to help raise awareness of Same-Sex Parenting and help normalise their own modern family, as they will help to shine the spotlight, positively on families like theirs, with either two Mummies, two Daddies, one Mummy or one Daddy.

They are active campaigners for change and love a challenge. They’re already very proud to have supported implementing change with the introduction of new guidance to Healthcare professionals issued by the Department of Health back in 2018. They’ve also been involved with the 2019 Law Commissioners consultations, and more recently have been challenging those NHS Trusts who ignore the 2018 guidance, ensuring all staff are trained in how to manage the care equally with Surrogates and Intended Parents by the end of 2021.

They are huge champions and supporters of UK Surrogacy, as this is where and how their family was created, and they’ve developed some incredible relationships with the Fertility sector here in the UK, including many clinics, egg and sperm banks, the Surrogacy ‘not for profit’ agencies and regulators, such as the HFEA whom they meet with regularly. They enjoy nothing more than telling their story, via their blog and social channels, helping other Intended Parents (IPs) understand how accessible UK Surrogacy is.

Read more from TwoDads UK on our partnership



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