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A Dynamic Duo: Sarah Templeman and Sharon Julians Lead Herts & Essex Fertility Centre into the Future

1st December 2023

A Dynamic Duo: Sarah Templeman and Sharon Julians Lead Herts & Essex Fertility Centre into the Future

Change is a constant in any organization, and Herts & Essex Fertility Centre is no exception. After 16 years of dedicated service, Debbie Evans, the Director of Clinical Services, has retired and bid farewell to the clinic, leaving behind a legacy of excellence, commitment, and compassion. As the clinic embraces a new chapter, two seasoned professionals, Sarah Templeman and Sharon Julians, step up to collectively fill the significant shoes left by Debbie Evans.


Change often brings about fresh perspectives and opportunities for growth, such as the recent restructuring in leadership that has piloted a new era for the clinic. Sarah Templeman, as Clinic & Nursing Director, and Sharon Julians, as Operations Director, now stand at the helm, steering the clinic towards continued success and innovation.

Sarah Templeman – Nurturing Excellence in Fertility Care

Roles and Responsibilities

Sarah Templeman, with an impressive 30-year nursing career, including two decades focused on fertility, has assumed the critical role of Clinic & Nursing Director, Registered Manager to CQC, and NHS Contracts. With direct responsibility for 40+ staff members, Sarah takes charge of the day-to-day clinical management of Herts & Essex Fertility Centre. Her extensive experience and leadership skills make her the ideal candidate to guide the clinic through its daily operations.

Key Achievements

Sarah’s influence and impact on the fertility sector extends beyond her managerial duties. She played a pivotal role in establishing the Egg Sharing and Surrogacy Programs, showcasing her dedication to advancing fertility treatments and leading the clinic to be recognized as the Surrogacy Clinic of the Year in both 2018 and 2022. Over the past 12 years Sarah seamlessly combined her role as Nurse Manager with overseeing these groundbreaking programs. Sarah’s passion and commitment to surrogacy have positioned Herts & Essex Fertility Centre as one of the leading Surrogacy clinics in the UK.

Expertise and Commitment

A qualified sonographer, Sarah brings a wealth of knowledge to her role, enhancing the clinic’s diagnostic capabilities. Her active participation as a speaker at industry events such as the Fertility Show, BFS, Insight, and the Modern Family Show showcases her commitment to staying at the forefront of advancements in fertility treatment. Sarah’s extensive experience within the Herts & Essex Fertility Centre since 2005 reflects her unwavering commitment to the clinic’s mission and to the patients she cares for.

Advocacy for Diversity

Sarah’s engagement with the Senior Infertility Nurse Group (SING) and her involvement in the HFEA committee for ethnicity and diversity underscore her commitment to fostering inclusivity both at the clinic and within the fertility sector. This mirrors her journey of dedication, innovation, and success at the clinic.


Sharon Julians – A Pillar of Stability and Leadership

Roles and Responsibilities

Sharon Julians, the Operations Director, Senior Information Risk Officer (SIRO), and Human Resources Manager, is a cornerstone of stability within the clinic. Her recent promotion in November 2023 reflects her long-standing commitment and invaluable contributions to Michael Ah-Moye, CEO and the team.

Operational Leadership

As Operations Director, Sharon oversees the daily running of the clinic, ensuring smooth operations from an organisational perspective. Her journey from a secretary in 1997 to admin team manager and now the Operations Director’s position speaks volumes about her dedication and ability to evolve with the clinic’s needs. Sharon’s fantastic communication, management and people skills enabled her to develop the great admin team that we currently have. As the first point of contact with patients it’s absolutely crucial to have the right people in place and Sharon’s professional conduct has always been exemplary to the significant role of the admin team.

Human Resources Expertise

In her dual role as HR Manager, Sharon manages the clinic’s human resources, emphasising the importance of a well-supported and motivated team for delivering exceptional patient care.

Information Risk Management

As the Senior Information Risk Officer, Sharon shoulders the responsibility of implementing and managing information risks within the clinic. This crucial role highlights her commitment to maintaining the highest standards of data security.

Longevity and Reliability

Sharon’s tenure since 1997 makes her one of the longest-serving and most reliable members of the Herts & Essex Fertility Centre team. Her journey from a secretary to admin office manager and ultimately Operations Director is a testament to her people management skills, outstanding organisational abilities, resilience and commitment.


As Herts & Essex Fertility Centre welcomes this new era, the leadership transition from Debbie Evans to Sarah Templeman and Sharon Julians looks promising under the guidance of these two diverse leaders as they continue to make strides in the field of reproductive medicine. The combination of Sarah’s clinical expertise and Sharon’s operational leadership creates a dynamic duo that ensures the clinic remains at the forefront of fertility innovation and patient care. Reassuring to know that patients can trust in the commitment and excellence that defines Herts & Essex Fertility Centre. For a more detailed view of the new team structure, visit our team page.


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