By introducing a Wellbeing section to our website we have brought together areas of expertise that we believe will help you feel more fulfilled and positive as you go through your treatment journey.

“Our aim is to provide a dedicated fertility service tailored to suit individual needs, delivered in a professional and caring manner, in a relaxed and friendly environment. It is our endeavour that irrespective of the outcome, every patient at Herts & Essex will feel a deep sense of satisfaction at the quality and personal touch in the level of care they receive … and all because we care.” – from our Mission Statement.

As our Mission Statement attests, we care about our patients. For this reason we have developed a section of the website to encourage them to look at their diet, lifestyle and health in a holistic way, because taking care of your emotional wellbeing is as important and as significant as taking medication to prepare your body for the medical interventions involved in the fertility process.

With 25 years of experience as a team, we understand the importance of providing support for your physical, mental and emotional health, at every step of a patient’s journey.

You can learn more about how to improve your fertility fitness by visiting our dedicated health, fitness and lifestyle website  www.Fit-for-Fertility.com