Stephen & Samuel Carter – just 2 weeks old

To All the Team at Herts & Essex Fertility Centre,

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making our dreams of having a family come true!

Our perfect twin boys Stephen and Samuel were born at 37weeks on the 1st of June 2018.

Thank you for your care, compassion, professionalism, support and kindness to us throughout our fertility treatment.

This really made the world of difference to us going through one of the hardest times if our lives.  You all were amazing!

We wouldn’t have our family if it wasn’t for you and we just can’t thank you enough!

Love Keely & Stephen Carter & our twin boys Stephen & Samuel


Amber Sabina – a miracle against all odds

Beautiful little Amber Sabina, only 4 months old, came in to see us today with her lovely parents and shared loads of cuddles and smiles with all of us and especially our embryologists, her first babysitters.


According to her mum, little Amber is their little miracle that went against all the odds!

When they first walk into our clinic, after having an unsuccessful cycle with IVF with NHS, they never thought that a year later they will be holding this stunning little baby girl. “Not only she came sooner than we anticipated she is also a girl!”, the mum said.


We couldn’t feel more happy and proud for this young family who finally got their beautiful dream baby.


Gorgeous little Rafe William is in town!

To everyone at Herts & Essex Fertility Centre,

A year ago I never thought I would be writing this card to you all…

A year ago we were about to start our fertility journey and had been highly recommended your wonderful clinic by a really good friend.

The minute we walked in, everyone was so lovely, caring and we knew we had made the right decision.

One round of ICSI later we had our little embryo implanted, none of the other embryos were suitable for freezing so all of our hopes laid with this one working! On the 13th of September, we did a pregnancy test and it was positive and on the 13th of May, our little miracle baby boy, Rafe William, was born at Princess Alexandra in Harlow.

No words can express our thanks to you, our dream has come true!

We can’t wait to bring him in to meet the amazing team that helped bring him into this world!




Three gorgeous boys and one happy family!

To everyone at Herts and Essex clinic,

A huge thank you to you all for all your help, support and kindness throughout both our treatment cycles!

After a long 5 years & 3 failed IVF cycles at a different clinic, I finally fell pregnant with our twin boys having treatment at Herts and Essex, they are now 5!! During this cycle we were lucky enough to have 2 embryos frozen & after 5 years in the ‘freezer’ we had a frozen cycle last year which thankfully resulted in another pregnancy!

We now have 3 very healthy boys, my gorgeous miracles, who would not be here if it wasn’t for the amazing team at Herts and Essex fertility centre.

Everyone is always friendly, kind, supportive & understanding. I can not thank you all enough for all you have done for us! Highly recommended!!

With heartfelt thanks!

Michelle Wilshere



A new handsome baby boy is in town!

Hello to all the Herts and Essex Fertility team,

We had recently gone through ICSI treatment with your clinic and after several attempts which ended in miscarriages, I am overwhelmed to say I have finally given birth to my handsome little man.

We can’t thank you enough for making this dream come true for us.

You all are an amazing team and always made us feel comfortable.

I would defo recommend you to others who need it….and maybe one day I may return for one more baby 😉.

Please see photos of our beautiful little man who was born on 22nd March 2018.

Best Wishes,

Hayley Pillay


A beautiful baby boy was born

Dear David and the team,

Just a note to say our beautiful baby boy arrived.

We are absolutely besotted and we cannot thank you enough for making our dreams come true.

You really are miracle workers and words cannot express our gratitude.

Everyone at your clinic was so kind and wonderful to us.

Thank you!!!


Little Gorgeous Victor

Little gorgeous Victor, just 1 year old, came in to meet us today with his proud parents who were glowing from happiness!

We were all so excited to meet him and David absolutely loved every single cuddle.

“Victor is my little PISCI miracle, our gift from God. He is full of energy, strength, happiness and smiles. Victor has been the missing piece in our jigsaw and has now completed our family..  Victor looks a lot like his grandpa who unfortunately passed away just a couple of days after little Victor was born” said the mum.

Thank you so much for coming in to see us today, we loved playing with Victor and definitely looking forward to seeing you all soon xx


Charming Florence is almost 18months!

Hello! We just thought we would give you an update on Florence as she heads towards being 1 and a half years old already!

Florence is such a joy and is a really happy, funny, strong and confident little girl.

She is a chatterbox, cuddly and loving, loves animals, building things with her stickle bricks, running around the garden with a ball, and reading her books with us.

Florence has been going to weekly swimming lessons since she was 3 months old, so she is coming on leaps and bounds with that now. It still amazes us when she holds onto the side of the pool herself, and can run across a floating board then jump into the pool!

She also goes to a toddler gym class, which she really loves. She enjoys climbing, sliding, jumping off platforms, and going through tunnels.

She started ballet classes last Friday as she has loved to dance since she could walk (and before that she would dance on the floor)! We have to admit it is the cutest thing ever!

All of you at H&E have helped us to have a little girl who just lights up the world. She really is so special. She seems to have an aura around her that just draws people to her. It is amazing to watch.

We are forever grateful to you all, and we promise to make sure that we bring up Florence to be the best person she can be, and a credit to us all.

Thank you again! 


Cadence Jacqueline & Lexie Florence

2 years ago today we found we were pregnant. But we didn’t know then that we would be blessed with 2 rainbow babies!! 🌈💗💗

Cadence Jacqueline & Lexie Florence arrived safely into the world on 16th December 2016. Thank you to everyone at Herts & Essex for all your expertise, time and love. You helped us through the heartache and shared in our joy on the IVF rollercoaster!

Thank you for giving us the chance to have our gorgeous girls and complete our family. We would love to come and visit you all soon so you can meet the twins!

Much love, Katie & Aletta xx


Super cute Sebastian is here!

To the staff at Herts & Essex Fertility Centre

We wanted to share the news with you that our baby boy was born beginning of April.
His name is Sebastian and he is healthy and happy.

We wanted to thank the members of your team that looked after us from start to finish of treatment. We really felt that you all genuinely cared.

Especially Jackie who we met on our first evening consultation and was with us every step and went out of her way to find and congratulate us with a hug when we came in the day of the positive pregnancy test.

It was nice to see the same people throughout and share the experience with them.

All our visits were made enjoyable and we felt looked after at all times.

We are more than happy to bring him in for a cuddle one day if convenient.

With love xx


Zechariah & Martha

We cannot thank you enough for everything you and everyone at the clinic did to help us make our dream come true.

Our family is now complete.

We were so happy with the treatment we received at the Herts and Essex. All staff were so caring and supportive. We were overwhelmed by the genuine delight and joy of everyone at the clinic at our positive test result.

We will forever be grateful to you all for your expertise, support and care.

Once again, thank you for everything, from the bottom of our hearts.

Emma, Dominic and Lucas (big brother!)


Gabriella is almost 3 months old!

We are absolutely delighted to welcome our second daughter Gabriella on 31 January 2018.

Our experience with everyone at the clinic was exceptional once again. When I was poorly with OHSS after I got pregnant, I received a great support and help from doctors and nurses. We cannot be more grateful.

Thank you HEFC. X


Kind regards,

Lenka & Chris Houston


Second time – Double lucky

We just wanted to thank the whole team at Herts and Essex for helping us conceive. We are thrilled and overjoyed to announce the birth of our healthy twin boys in January this year at 36 weeks old.

We are so grateful and words cannot begin to thank you all for all that you did for us.

Your whole team made us feel comfortable during a time that was pretty scary for us, but throughout the whole journey, we were given professional advice and care, which helped reduce the stress and anxiety.

You made what seemed impossible into a glorious reality and helped expand our family.

With all our love,

R & Y


Baby Oliver was definitely WORTH THE WAIT!

From the bottom of our hearts, we just wanted to say thank you to everyone who helped us, you are a great team!!!!

Without you, we wouldn’t have our beautiful Oliver.
He is just perfect!!

Can’t wait to come back and try for another!!

Lots of love,

Adam, Kimberley and baby Oliver xxx


Little Elsie

To all the amazing team at H&E (our extended family),


We are super proud to announce the arrival of our 2nd little miracle.

Elsie Yvette arrived on 13/03/18 weighing 7lb 2oz.

Words can’t describe the happiness you have ALL brought to our little family of 4.
You are all miracle workers and we will never be able to thank you enough.

Big sister Millie is very happy with her new little sister and is loving having lots of cuddles.


We would love to arrange a time to bring both girls in to see you all and introduce little Elsie.


With lots of love and thanks,

Emma, Rachel, Millie and baby Elsie xxxx


6th time lucky in double!

The cutest twins Willow and Louie came in to meet us today.

After a long journey of IVF cycles this strong wonderful couple didn’t give up until their wishes came true; in double!

“We kept trying! We got lucky the 6th time around and there was nothing wrong with me in the first place” the mum said.

“It feels ages ago since we’ve last been here” said that dad while having a flashback.

We absolutely loved cuddling and playing with your adorable twins today and looking forward to seeing you again!


Baby Noah is here!

To everyone at Herts & Essex Fertility Clinic,

We came to your clinic in May 2017. My husband and I had been trying to have a family for over 12 years. We had 3 failed IVF treatments on the NHS but we were very fortunate to have support from those we know.

We had all but given up hope when we heard about your clinic.

We first came in 2016 and decided to proceed using an egg donor and the support from your egg sharing team. We were stunned and amazed that it worked and were gobsmacked to discover we were having a twin pregnancy…
Sadly we lost one of the twins at 7 weeks and the other baby at 15 weeks when a scan showed us there was no heartbeat.
To say we were devastated is an understatement!

Everyone at your clinic was so supportive and Michael even rang us at home to give his condolences and answer my questions. After a year of healing, we decided to come back and try one last time to fulfil our dreams and have the child we so badly wanted using your egg sharing team.

On the 5th February 2018, we had our dreams come true when Noah was born at 7.30pmby emergency C section weighing 6lb 7ounce(10 days early).

We just want to thank each and every one of you for your support and help in making our dreams a reality. All of the staff from receptionist to finance all care a great deal and are genuinely AMAZING!!! Special thanks to David, the egg sharing team, the embryologist and Jyoti for helping us become a family.

We will be bringing Noah to meet you all in a few weeks.

Love from the bottom of our hearts,

Kirsty, Mike and baby Noah



We can’t  thank you enough for the care and work you have
put into our treatment.

As a result, we have this perfect little angel!

What you guys do is nothing short of amazing.

Thank you so much for our miracle!

Reka, Paul & baby Olivia




Jessica Mary Howat

After two years of trying for a baby and three rounds of ICSI, our daughter Jessica Mary Howat was born on 16th December. She is doing really well and is a very happy, smiley girl, as long as we regularly feed her and keep her entertained!

We can’t thank you enough for everything you did to help us. We are both in our 40s so we thought that we would never be able to have a child, so to have a beautiful daughter is a dream come true.

We’ve attached a couple of photos of Jessica so you can see what you have given us – we think she’s very cute, hope you do too!



Bobby Beer

To everyone at Herts and Essex Fertility Centre,

We can not thank you enough for all your help and support.

Our little Bobby is all we have ever wanted.

Thank you,

Samantha Gomm & Michael Beer


The amazing story of a surrogate

Laura Mott knows exactly what it is like to give the gift of life to a couple that desire to complete their family as she acted as a surrogate mum last year. On 5 February, she gave birth to a 6lb 14 oz baby girl. Moments later, the baby was in the arms of her intended mother, Melissa.

Laura shared with us that her amazing story was covered by the BBC News and thank us for supporting them through this journey.

“Our experience at Herts and Essex Fertility Centre was Fantastic!
Everything was straightforward and luckily for us – A family was completed 💗
Thank you again for all your help and support.” 


Bethany’s message

We had our last pregnancy scan today following our first round of ICSI,
there are just no words to thank the people involved in helping us get to this point, the kind welcoming ladies on reception,
the nurses that have all the time in the world for you,
the consultants and the embryologist who made and babysat our little embryos.

Thank you all so so much I hope in a few months time we can come back and visit with baby in arms.

Forever grateful xxx



So 6.5 years ago I started my journey with yourselves.

I was very lucky that my journey spent with you was short lived. At 38 years of age, the odds were stacked against me. So I started my journey, injections and scans and then the egg retrieval (my closest friend and I called my journey the chicken and egg and
journey 😂, it kept it light for me with the ability to talk about it wherever and whenever I wanted to) at the egg retrieval I was devastated to find 12 follicles resulted in only 2 eggs (again age wasn’t on my side) a wonderful embryologist took my hand and whispered to me whilst I cried and cried “my love be proud it only takes one” those words shall remain with me forever it at the time seemed so devastating but in those words I felt and saw hope all because a member of your amazing staff took the time to say those words when I needed it the most. 3 days later I returned to have the transfer, shaking and scared I again was greeted by the most beautiful soul the professional who had spent years training and with a passion to help women, men, families just like me.

He again calmed my nerves and said just remember it takes only the one and we have 2 right here that look beautiful (I still have the pictures). I went home and prayed and most importantly not at any point did I think this isn’t ever going to work I remained positive and felt proud that I had started this journey whatever the outcome. The 2 week wait was the hardest thing and I was naughty and took the test 1 day earlier than recommended 😬.

The result was……positive I was pregnant for the first time ever and I felt overjoyed. My pregnancy was great (with a few hiccups it I try not to dwell on those) and I had a beautiful little girl weighing 6lb 13oz on 03rd August 2012.

I never thanked you for your love, passion and most importantly the amazing work you do everyday in making people’s lives complete like ours we were 2 who became 3 and I really can’t thank you all enough, I shall remain eternally grateful to you all and I really mean all. Our daughter Erin is 5 1/2 and the beautiful, we have moved to Oz now and I am proud to talk about my IVF journey with anyone and anyone that wants to listen I am proud of my body for growing such a beautiful child with or without help it makes no difference. My journey was short with yourselves and for that I am very grateful as I know others can be very long.

I just wanted to say thank you and please continue to do the amazing work you do, as without you not just myself but hundreds of people would never get their happy ever after.


A thank you message – natural conception after uterine scar tissue removal

“I had been receiving treatment with Herts and Essex Fertility Centre but had to cancel my first round of IVF due to scar tissue which Mr Ogutu removed back in March.
After my operation, I was able to conceive naturally fairly quick.

Our little girl was born by c section weighing a healthy 8lb 7.

Again we would like to thank David and all the team at your clinic for completing our family after 2 boys she is the perfect addition to our family! Without Herts and Essex this would never have been possible. Thank you with all of our hearts”


We are immensely proud to run a holistic fertility centre, which not only provides IVF treatment, but also investigations as to why couples are not getting pregnant and then provide corrective surgery to not only enhance their chances of successful IVF but also enable couples to conceive naturally.

Your success means such a lot to the whole team here at H&E.


George Colgate

George came to wish us Merry Christmas!

Happy Christmas everyone!!

My name is George but everyone calls me George-ous. I am 4 months old and a very good boy. I took 7 years to get here but I’m sure you’ll agree I was worth the wait!

Many thanks to all of the Herts & Essex fertility staff. You are all amazing.

This Christmas is going to the best one yet!! Though we know they will only get better and better.

Sarah, Ian & George



A beautiful testimonial – ” I really don’t think  you realise what you do at Herts & Essex Fertility Centre. You don’t just make  babies, you give lost people meaning to a lost life. You fit  in the missing jigsaw piece. You have completed me and for that I’m eternally grateful. So after that, till our paths cross again, always in our hearts our family”


Grace & Jake

We are so incredibly lucky to now have two beautiful children courtesy of the Herts & Essex.  As you know, it’s been an incredibly long journey with many twists and turns along the way.  Suffice to say, in our 8 year relationship with you all, you could not have been friendlier or more supportive, getting us through lots of setbacks.  The attempt this year was most definitely our last and miraculously we now have Jake, in addition to Grace who was born in 2013.  IVF is the toughest thing, and is so often reported in the press as a one or two shot attempt before it’s successful.  It takes such a lot of willpower to keep going, and our hearts go out to those couples who don’t have success.  We are now 100% finished; that hugely thick file of ours can be consigned to your archives but we do hope to get in to see you all at some point.  For those of you who were there every step of the way; David, Debbie, Angela, Joan, Soriah, Carol, Nicola, Sarah B, Lori, Gerian, Tina to name but a few, as well as everyone else – thank you so so much.

With very best wishes


Jon, Carly and George

To all at Herts & Essex,

George Arthur Robinson was born two weeks early and weighed in at 7lb 7oz.  George is doing very well and is an extremely happy and content baby.

We wanted to take the time to write and to pass on our heartfelt thanks to your entire team for making our dreams come true. Everyone at Herts & Essex made us feel extremely welcome from our very first contact and nothing was ever too much trouble. The dedication and professionalism of your fantastic team helped to put us both immediately at ease and the ongoing support meant that we knew what to expect at every stage of the process … something that means a lot during a stressful time. You should not underestimate the fantastic work that you all do on a daily basis and we would recommend Herts & Essex to others without hesitation.

With very best wishes and sincere thanks,

Jon, Carly and George x


Katie and Ray

Dear everyone at Herts & Essex Fertility Centre,

We just wanted to email following the birth of our beautiful baby boy, who was born in July following three rounds of ICSI with your clinic.

From our very first visit, we felt welcomed at the clinic. It is really personal and everyone, from the ladies on reception to the lovely nurses and consultants, were friendly, remembered us and treated us like individuals even though they see many couples every day.

In fact, we loved the clinic so much that we had originally planned to go abroad for IVF because it was cheaper, but after going to one of your open days and meeting some of your staff at the fertility show in London, we decided we would rather go to Herts & Essex Fertility even though it would cost more, because we felt so confident in you and very looked after by your team.

The process was explained to us really well and we felt very involved in the whole process. We appreciated that our consultant took the time to go over measures we could be taking at home to support our treatment, such as diet and exercise, rather than just going over the medical side of things. The nurses were always positive and upbeat with us, and again they always took the time to explain things properly to us and ensure we understood.

Although IVF is a process that nobody ‘wants’ to go through, we are so glad that we chose Herts & Essex for our treatment. Thank you again.



We would like to thank everyone at Herts & Essex Fertility. On August 1st this year, our lovely little girl Sienna was born, weighing 5.5lb. After years of trying this was our third cycle and we couldn’t be happier with the service and treatment we received. Thanks to Essex and Herts our little family is complete.

After years of trying this was our third cycle and we couldn’t be happier with the service, care and treatment we received. Thanks to Herts & Essex our little family is complete.

Katie x