Gorgeous baby Daxton arrived safe and sound

Well after 10 years of trying we finally have our little boy Daxton.

With the help and support of Herts and Essex fertility centre, we have now had our dream come true.

Every single member of staff was always welcoming and understanding, we felt so supported and well looked after.

From the moment we first walked into the centre we felt at ease and knew straight away it was the right clinic for us.

We would like to thank each member of staff for all their hard work and dedication in helping people like us achieve their dreams you guys are amazing!

Mandy, Joel and baby Dax


Beautiful Callie arrived safe and sound

A huge thank you to the amazing team at Herts and Essex Fertility Centre who have helped our dreams come true.

From the moment we stepped through your doors we felt at ease and confident that you were going to be able to help us.

With just one round of successful ICSI treatment, we are so pleased to announce the safe arrival of our beautiful daughter Callie, born on the 26th March 💖

We can’t wait to bring her to the place that helped make her and for her to meet you all.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts 💝


Gorgeous Louis arrived safe and sound

We are delighted to announce and share with you that our beautiful son Louis arrived safely on 3rd February 2019.


We had originally been researching clinics at the end of 2017 as we hoped to add another child to our family and give our daughter a sibling. We saw four clinics in total, three of which were high profile clinics in central London.

Herts & Essex was the last clinic we visited and we immediately felt that we did not want to be anywhere else. The clinic was small and welcoming, the staff were kind and knowledgeable and we felt comfortable straight away. We booked a consultation on the open evening and didn’t look back!


Treatment started a few weeks later and our gorgeous son was conceived on the first attempt a few months later. Overall the experience was overwhelmingly positive and we always felt that we were in great hands.

Everyone is kind, helpful and understanding and we were always made to feel at ease (particular mention to Dr David and Tracey who made me feel so comfortable at egg collection after a couple of unpleasant experiences at a previous clinic).


Watching our two children together brings us a joy which we never thought we would experience and that is all as a result of the skill, professionalism and expertise of the staff at Herts & Essex (special mention to Dr David and Joyti for meticulously planning our treatment). We simply cannot thank you enough for making our family complete, words cannot do justice to the gratitude we owe you all.


We look forward to visiting with baby Louis soon!


Stunning Molly arrived safe and sound

Good morning,

We just wanted to share the wonderful news of the newest addition to our family.

Molly was born on 24th February….a little earlier than planned (at 36 weeks) and weighing 5lb 5oz. She is absolutely perfect and feels like she’s been with us forever!

We would just like to thank everyone at Herts and Essex Fertility Clinic for making it all possible.

The care we received was amazing and far superior to other clinics we’ve been to before. We will try and pop down to say hello soon!


Thanks again!

Beverley & Dan


Their rollercoaster journey had a happy ending

We have been on such a rollercoaster journey but wouldn’t have wished to go through it with anyone else than Herts and Essex Fertility !!

After suffering a couple of losses we contacted the clinic to finally try and fulfil our wish to become parents!!

After our first attempt was unsuccessful due to my low AMH and egg quality, we were advised to try with donor eggs!
Our first round resulted in a mmc.
So we decided after a 6 month break to try again with a new donor!!

This was a huge success and we were blessed with our beautiful little boy in December 2018.

Can honestly say that everyone at Herts and Essex, ranging from Catherine and Carol on reception, Angela in Finance, Sarah on the donor team, Debbie the centre manager, David, Michael and Joyti and all the nurses and embryologist who have been amazing on our 3 year journey, I can’t thank them enough with helping us start our family.

We will be back at the end of the year to try and get a sibling for Parker with one of our frozen embryos.


Elise and Eli arrived safe and sound

Hello to all, Kelly and I are pleased to announce the safe arrival of Elise and Eli, born on the 6th March.

We cannot thank you enough for all of your support and help through a tough emotional two years.

We now feel complete with our three beautiful children.

We will be in to visit soon.


Beautiful Eden fulfiled her parents dreams

Having tried for a baby for 11 years, and after experiencing 2 miscarriages we honestly thought we’d never be blessed with a child of our own. I’d wanted children since I was very young and the thought of never becoming a mum was something I just couldn’t bear to think about.

Attending an open day at H&E Fertility Centre was the best decision we ever made, as there and then we booked up to take the next step.

We were lucky enough to be successful in our first round of treatment and in November I gave birth to our long awaited for beautiful daughter Eden. She has completed us as a family and we can not thank the staff at H&EFC enough for their support, advice and professionalism.

Without you, we would not have fulfilled our dream of becoming parents, something we’ll be eternally grateful to you for.  We were also lucky enough to have been able to freeze some of our embryos, so fingers crossed we’ll be able to extend our family in the next couple of years.

Thank you so much for everything you have done for us.

Kindest regards

Jodie & Matt


Gorgeous Luna and Elliot arrived safe and sound

In January last year, we started our fertility journey with you.

We not only decided to grow our family but to help another get their dream of having a family through egg donation.

We had 2 little fertile eggs put back in to see how they grew and 2 weeks later had the most special positive result….and so the journey really began.

6 weeks in we found out that we had been blessed with 2 fertile and growing eggs.
Week 16 the best result possible with 1 baby boy and 1 baby girl.

On February 2019 Luna Charlotte was born followed by her little brother Elliot Jack 3 minutes later.

Luna happily came straight to recovery with her mummies while our brave little Elliot spent some time in special care unit to support his growth.

Today we have all been reunited in the maternity ward to spend time together and bond as a family.

From the day we had a positive result we have felt truly blessed and very lucky but today we really have been blessed and can’t wait to take our family home to meet all the family and friends who have loved and supported us and them from the very beginning.

From Shaunni and I we can’t thank you enough for making our dreams come true and we wanted to share a few snaps of our little miracles.

Thank you again,
Claire and Shaunni


Gorgeous Julius James arrived safe and sound

Just a quick message to let you and everyone there know that our Surrogate gave birth this time last week (5th of February) to a 9lb 7oz baby boy.
We have named him Julius James, which is both our respective dad’s middle names.

Words cannot truly describe how grateful we are to you and the team for your part in fulfilling our dream, he is absolutely perfect and a really adorable little guy.


We’re aiming to pop over to your clinic in a few weeks time so you can meet him in person.


With heartfelt thanks,

Robbie and Rob


Gorgeous Theodora Rose arrived safe and sound

We are delighted to share with you that Theodora (Teddy) Rose arrived on Wednesday 9th January 2019, weighing 7lb 12oz.

We are so in love with our miracle rainbow baby girl and we can not thank you all enough for making our dreams come true.

Our fertility journey had not been an easy one and we are sure if it wasn’t for your expertise, kindness and support we wouldn’t be where we are today.

We look forward to bringing Teddy in to meet you all.

Thank you once again.

Charlotte and Stuart


Charlie Parker is the little frozen fighter that made it!

Charlie Parker arrived on Monday 4th February, he is our little, frozen fighter and we couldn’t be more grateful to all at Herts and Essex who made our dreams come true.

It was quite a journey to get here but it was all worth it.

A special thank you to David who was with us the whole way, Lori who held my hand through egg collection and Jo who gave us the best news ever along with all the team who were just amazing.

We cannot thank you enough and look forward to bringing Charlie in soon to meet you very special people.

Thank you,

Kellie and Simon xx


Stunning Harriet Joan arrived safe and sound

I am writing to let you know about the outcome of our donor egg cycle with you last year.

After learning the fantastic news that we were finally pregnant, I went on to have a successful pregnancy and gave birth to a daughter, Harriet Joan in November 2018.

She weighed 8lb 7 when born by elected cesarean section.

Harriet is absolutely perfect and we are so happy.

Thank you so much for everything your team did.

David Ogutu was fantastic in his advice and no pressure approach and we wish we’d come to you sooner before wasting time elsewhere.


Gorgeous twin boys Albert and Stanley completed their family

To everyone at Herts and Essex,

My Wife Lucy and I would love to announce the safe arrival of our twin boys Albert and Stanley. They were born on Friday 11th January via C Section.

You gave us our little girl Ada 3 years ago on our first Ivf cycle.

Our second pregnancy was not as straightforward unfortunately and after 2 failed attempts we finally had the amazing news we was expecting twins!

From the bottom of our hearts we want to thank each and every one of you for making our family complete.

Amy-lee xx


Little Beautiful Miracle Gianna is finally here!

We are so excited and proud to announce that little beautiful Gianna arrived safe and sound to fulfil her mums dream into parenthood. She might took a little longer to arrive but was definitely worth the wait.

“I am so thrilled to announce the birth of my little miracle Gianna.

She is the most precious gift I could have ever wished for and I am completely in love with her.

After a very long journey, I finally have my daughter thanks to all of you wonderful people at Herts and Essex Fertility Centre.

Thank you for your support, kindness and brilliance. I am forever grateful and will be bringing her in for cuddles very soon.

Love always, Maria xxx”


Lady Isabelle arrived safe and sound

We want to let you know that our little lady Isabelle arrived on 29 December, 4 days late.

We can’t thank you all enough for giving us our little miracle.

We are so completely in love and feel so lucky to have her.

We will bring her in soon to meet you all.


Lexi Olivia arrived safe and sound

We are so excited and proud to announce that little beautiful Lexi Olivia is finally here after a very long journey. Thank you for sharing this lovely photo and kind words.

Thank you so much for bringing us our most precious gift in life, our rainbow baby miss Lexi Olivia Mckane, born Tuesday weighing 8lb8 and 1001.

After 6 rounds in as many years and 9 years ttc in total, 3 lost pregnancies and 4 angel babies and tens of thousands of pounds later, we were close to giving up!

When friends of ours recommended your clinic we came with little hope but you lifted our spirits and brought us new hope and our 7th round, 1st with you – has brought us, Lexi.

We are forever grateful to your wonderful team at what we consider to be the most wonderful clinic. We can’t wait to bring her to meet you.

Saying thank you will never really get across just how super grateful and blessed we are that you brought her to us.


Handsome Ace came to see us

This Handsome baby boy, called Ace, came in with his besotted parents today and shared lots of cuddles with all of us. Ace is just 9 weeks and growing very fast.

“I look at Ace every day and I can’t still believe I am finally a mother. All the pain and tears were well worth it. God bless you all.” said the mum

Thank you for bringing your stunning baby boy in to meet us today, we loved cuddling him. We are so pleased for your lovely family xx



Little stunning Emily arrived safe and sound to the Maguire family

So excited to announce a new arrival!

Little stunning Emily arrived safe and sound to the Maguire family! She came a little earlier than expected but she is a healthy little princess who fulfilled her parents’ dreams.


We just wanted to share our news. Emily Nora Elsie Maguire was born 6 weeks early on 30th October at a very healthy 6lbs 3oz.

After over two years of trying naturally someone was not very patient in arriving into the world!

We were so lucky to get pregnant with our first attempt at IVF and cannot thank everyone at Herts & Essex enough for all their patience, support and care throughout our treatment.

Emily’s grandparents now have three wonderful grandchildren (our Emily and my brothers two children, Jamie and Harriet Rocks) who were all Herts & Essex miracle babies 💙💗💗


Here are a few photos of Emily who is now 6 weeks old. Her professional photos were taken at exactly 2 weeks old.


Thanks to everyone again

Kelly and Luke Maguire


P.S. hopefully we will be back in the next few years to try for a little brother or sister for Emily!!


Gorgeous Sophia is the most precious gift for her family

To a very special team of people at Herts & Essex,

We are absolutely over the moon to announce that our beautiful baby girl arrived in the world on the morning of Friday 7th December after the successful first round of IVF with you.

We have named her Sofia Josephine Marie Anderson and she is just an absolute beauty. We can’t believe she is even ours. As I’m sure most of your patients say, we have no idea where to start to say thank you to you for the most precious gift you could ever give someone. You have made our dreams come true of adding to our husband and wife family.

We now have the baby that we dreamed of since we started trying to expand our family four years ago.

No words will ever be enough to thank you but know that you will always be remembered in our hearts and Sofia will grow up knowing exactly where she was created.

We hope to get in to see you soon, perhaps at the start of new year but will call ahead to see when is good for you. In the meantime here are some photos attached.

All our love forever,

The Anderson family xxx


Beautiful Ivy arrived fashionably late

This time 3 years ago we started our initial journey with Herts and Essex. Since making that decision they have helped us have two gorgeous children.

Our daughter Ivy arrived fashionably late finally arriving on Nov 7th, weighing a whooping 10lbs and looking exactly like her brother.

Once again our journey with everyone on the team was incredible, we could never have asked for more support, care or genuine interest in our family.

The whole team invested their time and themselves in ensuring that our journey was filled with care and attention.

We once again thank you for helping us add to our family and we can’t wait for you to meet her.

Emma, Rebecca, Eli and Ivy


Beautiful Isabella came in to meet us

Beautiful baby girl Isabella, just 6 weeks old came in with her besotted mum today and shared lots of cuddles with us.
“We wanted to give our first baby a sibling and for us, it made sense at that time to continue with the clinic that gave us our first daughter. Unfortunately, the first cycle had failed and the one after that and our 3rd round of IVF was also failed.. We believe it was down to the drugs I was given which didn’t allow me to produce enough eggs but most important for us was that we didn’t felt there was space for improvement so it was time to change our clinic.


When we came at Herts and Essex Fertility and saw Mr David Ogutu he explained his perspective on what he thought he could improve and planned our new treatment protocol. Almost a year later and our precious Isabella is here with us. You are an amazing team. Thank you for the care and attention you have given us; we wouldn’t have her if it wasn’t for you.”

Thank you for bringing little Isabella in to meet us today, we’ve loved cuddling her. She is such a cute baby.

We are so pleased for your beautiful family xx


Arrival of our ICSI miracle – Ted Alfie Carsons

It seems a good time to write a testimonial as we are coming up to a year since we had our embryo implanted. We started our journey in September 2017 at Herts & Essex. I’d done a lot of research on clinics and knew I wanted somewhere that not only had high success rates but actually cared for their patients.

The team there from the receptionists, finance, nurses, embryologists and the consultants were all incredible and provided wonderful care throughout our treatment.

We do have one special mention though, to Mr David Ogutu. You were just amazing with us…kind, caring and even when I had to have an operation prior to my treatment you found me a slot at the hospital quickly and undertook the surgery yourself so I would be able to start my cycle on time. We cannot thank you enough for being wonderful – I am sure you have many people who adore you as much we do!

To Jyoti for undertaking such a successful egg collection and to Michael for putting our special embryo back where he belonged.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Our little miracle Ted Alfie Carsons entered the world over 4 weeks early and we wouldn’t have met him if it hadn’t of been for the team there. We can’t wait to come in to introduce him to you.

It’s down to you we are parents and that is something we will be eternally grateful for.


Egg Freezing experience with our Egg Share Scheme

I was 31 when I decided to freeze my eggs and at the same time help another woman to have a family of her own. I wanted to improve my chances of having a family in the future and the egg share scheme allowed me to keep my savings and felt it was the best solution all around. At that time I had just come out of a long-term relationship where we had tried to conceive naturally but due to my polycystic ovaries, it didn’t happen for us.

My experience of sharing and freezing my eggs ran pretty smoothly. It all started with a counselling session with a fertility therapist to talk over what was involved in the egg sharing process and confirm that I had considered everything.

A visit to the clinic then helped me understand the whole treatment journey which involved regulating my cycle, starting the stimulation injections and monitoring the progress through regular scans until I reach the day of egg collection.

The nurse guided me through every step and showed me how to do the injections. These weren’t painful at all as the needle is very small, unlike when you get an injection at the doctor’s, you can’t actually feel the needles at all. I noticed a bit of swelling in my stomach, similar to what I get around my period, and I felt a bit more emotional than usual which may have been due to the hormones, again similar to PMT.

While I was taking the hormones, I went for regular scans, which were very quick and easy appointments. The doctor or nurse counted how many follicles/potential eggs I had in each of my ovaries and checked whether I was still on track to have my eggs collected on the originally planned date.

My egg collection happened while I was under sedation, I was pretty fragile for a few days after the collection, I’m not sure if everyone responds in the same way but I had a large number of eggs collected so my ovaries had taken on the hormones really well but were now recovering after the stimulation so my stomach felt tender and I felt as though I needed to rest for a few days.

The eggs were split 50/50 with myself and the lady that I shared my eggs with. Two of my eggs were not mature enough so I got 13 eggs in total which will be enough for at least one round of IVF when the time is right.

I’m now with a new partner but as we’ve only been together a year we’re not yet looking to start a family. Having fertility issues and being 32 now means that having my eggs frozen takes some pressure off the time limit of starting a family. I’d like to have another batch of eggs frozen to give us an even better chance once we’re ready.

Helping another family to conceive never worried me. I could have used my savings to freeze my eggs and not share them, but knowing I could help someone with this scheme and keep my savings was an easy decision to make.


If you are considering preserving your fertility until the time is right for you to start your family and need guidance, contact our fertility expert on 01992 78 50 60 to discuss your options.


Beautiful Ava and Elsie came in to see us

We just wanted to let you know that our beautiful twin girls Ava and Elsie were born on 21st September at 09.40am both weighing 5lb 8oz.
We can’t thank you enough for helping to make our dream come true!

A year ago when we visited the clinic in your Open day and met your team we never thought that in a year’s time we would walk in with our 7 weeks old twin girls. Last Christmas it felt that 2018 is our year, now I can’t believe we will be celebrating Christmas with our miracle twins.

A special thank you to Jo for coming to the rescue at midnight on trigger day!! …And Mr David Ogutu who without you our girls wouldn’t be here.
Thank you to all the team from the bottom of our hearts.


IVF works – Beautiful Mollie arrived safe and sound

After 3 years of struggling with Unexplained Infertility, we came to Herts & Essex after several friends had success with them and highly recommended them.

We were lucky enough to fall pregnant on our first round of IVF, and on 26th October our miracle baby Mollie Annabelle was born!

We are so grateful to all the staff at Herts & Essex for their support and care throughout the IVF process. Thanks to them, we have our beautiful baby girl.

We will bring her in to meet you all when she is a bit bigger.

Thank you so much,

Laura and Stuart


Our little miracle boy is finally here!

Our little miracle boy is finally here!

After years of trying, we decided to get some help to conceive.

We first tried another clinic that was not helpful and pretty much abandoned us after two years of tests.

After that, we decided to try elsewhere and we are so grateful for everything the whole team at the Herts and Essex fertility centre did for us.

They were very professional, understanding, friendly and they did everything that was in their power to help us realise our dream to become parents.

We always felt that they were really taking care and going out of their way to make it work and that doesn’t happen often. 

After a successful ICSI treatment, our little Dominic is finally in our life and we will be forever grateful.

Thank you, thank you, thank you so so much!

Guida and Alex


Our beautiful princess arrived!

A lovely message from two very proud parents:

We just wanted to let you know that our beautiful princess, was born on Sunday 28th October. We could not be more over the moon and wanted to say a huge thank you to you all for helping to make our biggest dream of having a family to come true. You are all wonderful.

We will see you when the time comes to give her a brother or sister!


Isobel Jemima Smith turned 2 months old!

Our daughter Isobel Jemima Smith arrived into the world 10 weeks ago on the 24th July!

Our family is now complete and I can’t thank you all enough for enabling me to have my much longed for second child through PICSI IVF. Thank you!

We had been trying to conceive a second child for 4 years but I suffered from sub-infertility and Adenomyosis.

My husband and I almost gave up hope until we decided to try IVF.

Herts and Essex fertility was recommended to us by a friend.


From the very moment, we attended the clinic, we were put at ease by the wonderful staff at Herts and Essex making our IVF journey as stress-free as possible.


Particular mentions for Mr David Ogutu (who performed the embryo transfer), Jyoti Taneja (for our egg collection), Mr Michael Ah-Moye (for our initial consultation), Jo Ashman (for our consults and being so friendly), Tracey Dunstone (for looking after me and providing humour before the egg collection and transfer) and Catherine Lee-Lozone (for her warm, cheery welcome which always put us at ease when we visited the clinic).


All the treatment was tailored to my husband and I and we received the best possible care and attention. It was amazing that a nurse was always available over the phone when I had any worries.

The whole journey was amazing and I’m convinced I conceived the 1st time because of the specialist care I received.

Thank you once again for the gift of our beautiful daughter. You have also made our son extremely happy with the gift of a little sister 🙂

We would love to bring Isobel into the clinic to meet some of the staff.


Happy Birthday to gorgeous Kaya who turned 1!

As our baby boy turned 1 this week, we wanted to send you a message to thank you again for helping to make our world complete!

There truly are no words to thank you all enough for the amazing work that you do, we will be forever grateful.


Lots of love,

Jade, Hüseyin and Kaya


Little George Anthony arrived safe and sound!

Dear Herts & Essex,

We are thrilled to announce the birth of our baby boy! George Anthony was born at the beginning of October weighing 7lbs 10.

This was our third round of IVF, our first two unsuccessful cycles were at a different clinic and our third successful cycle was with Herts and Essex.

Special thanks to David and all of the wonderful team for making our dreams come true. We can’t wait to bring George in to visit once we’re settled.

Louise and Mark xxx