Semen analysis

A semen analysis, or sperm test, is an essential part of your fertility assessment; whether you’re visiting us as a single man, a couple or if you wish to become a sperm donor.

Semen analysis tests your ejaculate for the volume of semen, consistency, sperm concentration and sperm quantity, sperm motility, the ratio of healthy vs abnormal sperm, vitality levels and several more factors that have some bearing in conception – especially for certain fertility treatments.

It’s a straightforward and simple process and not one you should feel in any way embarrassed by. Because we need to test sperm quality within an hour of ejaculation, we provide you with a quiet, private room in which to provide your sample. If you are unable to produce a sample, we can carry out percutaneous epididymal sperm aspiration (PESA), where we take your sperm sample directly from the epididymis.

We’ll then make a follow-up appointment to go through the results with you. If the results show that there are any problems likely to lead to reduced fertility, we’ll talk you through our andrology services and give you all the support you and your partner need.

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