It is estimated that one in six couples need some form of medical intervention, including donation, to conceive a child. Many of our patients, including single women and same sex couples, need help to achieve their dream of becoming parents. They rely on the generosity of strangers: the altruistic donation of eggs or sperm.

Herts & Essex Fertility Centre as an HFEA-licensed fertility clinic has the approval to conduct Egg and Sperm donations and to perform all fertility treatments necessary to help transform people’s futures.

Treatment using donor eggs

Many women who come to us for fertility treatment are unable to produce their own eggs. The cause may be anything from early menopause as a result of damage to the ovaries because of chemotherapy or radiotherapy, previous surgery on the ovaries or purely unexplained. Some women are simply born without ovaries. Others may still produce eggs but the quality is too poor to fertilise or implant.

You can find out more about how we carry out our fertility treatments for egg recipients in the Treatment Journey.

Contrary to public perception, Caucasian Donors are readily available at the Herts & Essex Fertility Centre, while other ethnicities may have a short wait.

Treatment using donor sperm

Many of our patients require the help of a sperm donor to fulfil their dream of becoming parents. Donor sperm is required by heterosexual couples, single women and same-sex couples alike. You can see how your donated sperm is taken, stored and used by reading the Fertility Treatment Journey.

At Herts & Essex Fertility Centre we have our own sperm bank. We are always keen to hear from men of all ethnicities who are considering donating sperm to help others with their dream of having a family.

Donating your eggs

Some of the eggs we use to help infertile women are donated through our very successful egg sharing scheme; others are entirely selflessly and altruistically donated by women determined to help those less fortunate than themselves to become parents.

If you would like to become an egg donor, there are a number of issues to consider and we will take the time to make sure you fully understand what the procedure involves. If you wish to find out more, read our Donating Eggs page.

Donating your sperm

Historically, British men have always been generous in donating their time and their sperm to fertility clinics. The 2005 law removing donor anonymity saw donor numbers drop. These numbers are gradually growing, but so is the demand for donor sperm.

We have a continuous need for sperm donations to help single women, heterosexual and same-sex couples of all ethnicities, begin their families. As we run our own HFEA approved sperm bank, we are always keen to hear from potential donors. To find out more, read our Donating Sperm page.

Egg sharing

Our Egg Sharing scheme rewards two would-be parents at the same time. If you need fertility treatment and you have healthy eggs: you can donate half of the eggs we collect during your treatment to help a woman who cannot produce her own eggs. We will provide you, the egg donor, with a free cycle of IVF treatment in return. Read our Egg Sharing page to find out more.

Sperm sharing

Sperm Sharing works in much the same way as Egg Sharing: a man with normal sperm parameters can donate sperm samples to help others requiring donor sperm, and in return will receive one free* fertility treatment cycle for his partner.

You will need to register as a sperm donor and make your donations before your partner’s treatment begins. Once again, there is a time commitment to consider, but your donation could help as many as ten families. Find out more on the Sperm Sharing page.

*excluding drugs and HFEA fee.


A surrogate is a woman who becomes pregnant and carries the pregnancy through to birth on behalf of another woman or couple. At the Herts & Essex Fertility Centre, we provide the full range of fertility assessments and treatments to make surrogacy possible.

To find out more about finding a suitable surrogate mother and the fertility treatments involved, please read our Surrogacy page. 

If you’ve read our further pages on donating eggs, donating sperm and surrogacy and you’re interested in helping, we’d love to meet you. Please call Caroline or Sarah, our donation coordinators on 01992 78 50 65 or email