Yannick & Giuseppina

There are no words BIG enough to say a HUGE thank you to everyone at Herts & Essex.

Our long dream of completing our family has finally come true. On 12th October 2016 our twins Julietta and Matteo were born. How do you thank people for helping to finally achieve something that had almost felt impossible?

We already had our 6 year old daughter through IVF in Hammersmith and wanted to try again to complete our family. After several attempts elsewhere we discovered Herts & Essex which was local to us, they were fantastic from start to finish. The personal touch and compassion when going through this horrible journey, which can only be described as heart breaking, was great. Our first attempt here led to a miscarriage and the support given following this was so caring. Especially as at the time we felt the NHS was no help at all.

It was hard to return to the clinic after this heartbreak but on finding the courage we gave it another go. We returned to the clinic and spoke about it and felt a lot better afterwards. We were treated like individuals, the procedures can be daunting but everything was explained with real care. They were so caring and easy to talk to and discuss how we move forward. We tried again and here we are today, somewhere we thought we would never be.
A family of five and my daughter becomes a big sister to a boy and girl! What’s the chances of that!!

Now, what better way to thank you than to write this testimonial and hope to encourage others to use the clinic. Like I said above, thank you so much to each and every one of you!!

Love always from
Yannick, Giuseppina, Amelia, Julietta and Matteo
The De Muynck Family x

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