Wait no longer for Caucasian Donor Sperm!!

Wait no longer for Caucasian Donor Sperm!! Also new regulations for altruistic sperm donors have come into force.

The Herts & Essex Fertility Centre are happy to report that currently there is no longer a wait for patients requiring caucasian donor sperm for treatment at our clinic. This is fantastic news as many patients around the UK have to wait months to be matched to a sperm donor, or are placed on lengthy waiting lists.

Various patients will require donor sperm to complete their families; these include heterosexual couples, single ladies and same sex couples.

If you require donor sperm for use in treatment the first point of call is to make a consultation appointment with one of our fertility consultants who will discuss your treatment options and guide you through the next steps. Following this appointment a characteristics form will be completed with you by our Donor Sperm Co-ordinator. This will allow us to closely match your preferred physical characteristics with our sperm donors stored here at the clinic.

Our donor sperm Co-ordinator Lynne Glover will oversee the sperm reservation and support you through your treatment, answering any questions you have regarding the donor sperm. If you require characteristics which we are unable to offer, for example ethnic minority sperm, Lynne will facilitate possible options of importing sperm with chosen donor banks abroad.

If you would like to speak to Lynne in advance of booking your consultation you can contact her on 01992 78 50 75 for further information.

The Herts and Essex Fertility Centre have been recruiting sperm donors for a number of years. Males can donate sperm either altruistically and be reimbursed for their donations, or join our sperm sharing programme and receive a discounted fee on their own treatment.

Our regulatory body the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) have recently reviewed the expenses available for male and female altruistic donors, which came into force in April 2012. Both male and female altruistic donors can be reimbursed expenses up to £750 for the course of donation, with sperm donors able to reclaim £35 per sperm donation deposited. Those men interested in sperm sharing can receive one heavily discounted treatment cycle* for their own treatment (*free standard IVF cycle price excluding drugs for female partner).

Should you require any information on becoming an altruistic sperm or egg donor, or sperm or egg sharer, please contact our Donation Co-ordinator Paula Lynch on 01992 785065 or email paula.lynch@hertsandessexfertility.com to discuss this further.

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