Sparrow family

We recently popped in to see everyone to show off our new baby, Henry. He was 6 weeks old. We also have a 7 year old (together in the pic), who adores his little brother so much.

It’s been a complicated journey and one I didn’t expect to see through.  I found Herts & Essex on Google and read the reviews, we’d been trying for 7 years to have another baby, and being close to the age of 35 it was my cut off point for trying.

I called and spoke to a happy knowledgeable lady who made me feel at ease. Everyone was so lovely when we arrived, although I won’t lie the silence in the waiting room is always so weird. Everyone is on their own journey and at different points. No one makes eye contact but in some ways it’s almost a sign of respect, a sign that everyone is understanding that you need your space and time to process and in some cases this could be that only time.

The staff are amazing and we cannot compliment them enough. They keep everything private and nothing is off topic. We had issues with my weight but don’t let it put you off. With the right guidance, it can be done.

The injections are the hardest part but with support and help we worked through it … and I am terrified of needles!

Each section of drugs is given when needed and paid for as and when needed. We really liked this as it made it easier to judge money.

We also liked that everything with regard to the treatment is done on site.  It’s so clean and fresh it makes it feel amazing. You feel safe and in great hands. The team is a great team and everyone made themselves available. You become part of their IVF family.

We were glad for us that we didn’t do egg share as we only ended up with 2 viable eggs but we did donate sperm and it was a big discussion.  We had counselling that we had to attend and we are glad we did, as it surprised us as to what we really thought and felt.

Herts & Essex have given us the opportunity to complete our family. We will be forever grateful to them.  If you’re thinking about IVF give them a call, there is no hard sale or payment needed, it’s just a chat about your options.

Sometimes that one conversation can open more doors than you expected.

We know we are lucky that it worked first time for us.  We wish everyone going through the experience the very best of luck.

The Sparrow family

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