Andy Glew

Simple scratch could double success of IVF treatment

Recently the Daily Telegraph reported the possible benefits from a procedure we have been carrying out on our patients since early 2012.  The Pipelle procedure procedure involves introducing a catheter into the cavity of the womb, which ‘scratches’ the lining. This releases cells, hormones, and other proteins which promote implantation.

We were keen to provide this treatment to all our patients as recent research evidence and clinical experience confirmed a doubling of implantation rates if a biopsy is performed in the cycle prior to commencing fertility treatment.

The Pipelle procedure is best performed after day 14 of the cycle before commencing stimulation treatment. We suggest that all patients have this treatment and the whole process is carried out as part of the work up before your treatment commences.  Of course we have to ensure that there is no pregnancy risk which we do by advising on contraception or abstinence from sexual intercourse from day 1 of the cycle to the test date.

As a team we are continually monitoring the procedure for its effectiveness.

Currently we provide this procedure for a supplement of £100.00.

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