NHS-funded IVF available again in the Vale of York

We are pleased to hear that NHS funding for IVF treatment in the Vale of York will be available to couples once again, after plans to reinstate funded treatment were originally rejected back in August.

NHS funding for the Vale of York was suspended in 2010 in an attempt to save money, leaving thousands of couples with no choice but to pay for private treatment. The Vale of York was the only area in England not to support IVF treatment during that four-year period, but the NHS Vale of York Clinical Commissioning Group’s change of heart will now entitle couples in the area to one cycle of NHS-funded IVF treatment. Eligibility criteria will still apply, and couples will only be eligible if they have not received NHS-funded treatment in the past, and have not previously self-funded more than one cycle of treatment.

At the moment 208 of the 209 CCGs in the country fund IVF treatment.However 80% of these CCGs provide funding that falls well short of the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) recommended three full cycles of IVF. 110 CCGs fund one cycle of treatment. 61 CCGs fund two cycles and only 38 CCGs fund three cycles. One CCG (Mid Essex CCG) will only fund specialist fertility services in clinically exceptional circumstances.

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