New Parents Study

The Herts & Essex Fertility Centre has been working with researchers at the University of Cambridge over the past few months helping them with their New Parents Study.  The study is of heterosexual, gay and lesbian couples who have used donor insemination, IVF or surrogacy to conceive their child and as such we are well placed to put the researchers in touch with new and intended parents.

The study aims to represent parents of different sexual orientations who have been helped by assisted reproduction in having their first child. This study is being supported by international research council funding and is happening in the UK, France and The Netherlands.

The study will open up family research to be more inclusive, by including more families and learning from their experiences of becoming parents.

The Herts & Essex Fertility Centre is supporting this study and believes the research to be an exciting opportunity for parents to feed back about becoming parents for the first time.

Families taking part in the New Parents Study have one visit when their babies are four months old, and one visit to Cambridge (with travel costs covered) when their babies turn one year old.

If you are interested in taking part in the study you can read more by clicking on the link below or by emailing or calling +44 (0)1223 767 807.

New Parents Study Leaflet

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