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NHS fertility partnership for Herts & Essex Fertility and Bourn Hall, Cambridge

Herts & Essex Fertility Centre is very pleased to announce a new fertility treatment partnership with Bourn Hall Clinic, Cambridge.

This collaboration will enable NHS referred patients of Bourn Hall to take advantage of our dedicated and expert staff, and state-of-the-art facilities for their consultation and monitoring appointments, whilst the egg collection and embryo transfer procedures will continue to be performed at Bourn Hall.

So, if your GP or local hospital has referred you for NHS treatment with Bourn Hall in Cambridge, but the chance of having the majority of your appointments at a top, independent fertility clinic based in one easily-accessed location in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire fits better into your work or home life which, in turn, creates a less stressful fertility journey for you, then please do let the Bourn Hall staff know that you would like to choose this service.

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