Men need to watch what they eat too

An interesting research paper has been published in Fertility & Sterility, the top fertility journal in the world dedicated to issues on nutrition and fertility. It is an amazing and fortunate coincidence that Dr Marilyn Glenville, one of the UK’s top nutritionists, will be giving a talk at the Herts & Essex Fertility Clinic on 26 January at 7.00 pm, on this very same topic.

In the past most studies regarding nutrition have involved women, but this particular study has targeted men only. It found that there is a clear correlation between what men eat or drink and the chances of their partners being successful following fertility treatment. A fertility-friendly diet is one that is rich in fruits and grains but low in alcohol, caffeine and red meat according to the study carried out in Brazil.

The study involved 250 men undergoing ICSI treatment. They were asked what type of food they ate, the amount of alcohol they drank and their smoking habits. Their sperm were checked regularly during the whole ICSI programme. It was found that men who drank and ate poorly did less well. The sperm count and motility, and subsequent fertilisation and implantation rate were all affected to various degrees by alcohol, caffeine, smoking, being overweight and a higher consumption of red meat. On the other hand, eating cereals and fruits was associated with improved sperm count, motility and progression (speed).

This is what I have always advised our couples: it is very important to lead a healthy lifestyle as much before as during the fertility programme, and that this is as important for men as for women.We have a series of guest speak evenings in early 2012.  Why not register to our online newsletter to keep in touch with what we offer.

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