Beautiful Isabella came in to meet us

What a great surprise we had from Marc, Tessa and Isabella who came to the clinic to see us and introduce Isabella to her extended family.

Marc Spelmann showed the world how he found real magic 2 years ago and shared his family inspirational story of how his incredible wife Tessa had managed to beat cancer and welcome to this world a healthy and beautiful baby girl named Isabella.

Two years ago the couple had decided to give IVF one last chance, after five unsuccessful IVF rounds and ten years of trying for a baby.
But just three months after the exciting pregnancy news, Tessa discovered a lump, which was diagnosed as an aggressive form of breast cancer, leaving the mother-to-be needing chemotherapy and a mastectomy.

This brave, strong and remarkable family went through a roller coaster ride, with highs and dark lows, even after Isabella’s birth, but made it through!!!

Your story gives hope and inspiration to many – REAL MAGIC is all around us we just need to think positive!

“It is quite emotional coming back here, but lovely seeing you all. I tip my hat to all of you, thank you for what you have done for us” said Marc.

Thank you so much for coming in to see us and for all your kind words.

We are so proud we could support your family in this journey and excited to see how well you are all doing.

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