Little Gorgeous Aaria fulfilled her mum’s wish of having a child

After my first visit to Herts & Essex Fertility Centre, I knew this was the place to continue my journey of changing my life in a positive way.

I did not visit due to fertility problems but more to fulfil a wish I had of having a child.

I did not find Mr Right and I did not want that stopping me from having a child of my own.

I was recommended to Herts & Essex by a friend and I am so grateful for the recommendation.

I knew it was important that if I was to embark on this journey I needed to be calm and relaxed.  H&E offered me this.

It was not far from London, parking was available, the clinic was small and friendly and thus it was not like any of the bigger centres where I was just seen as another person to process.

Here, people knew me, they saw a glimpse of my personality, they saw my ups and downs.

Thus returning to visit this small friendly, professional unit with my gorgeous daughter, who started her life here, was such a pleasure.

I would highly recommend coming here no matter why you may want to use their services.  Thank you H&E.

Sona Uppal

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