Laura, Sophie & Lillie

Dear Dr Ah-Moye and the amazing team at Herts & Essex Fertility Centre.

I cannot express my gratitude to you all for giving me and my husband our miracle babies, our beautiful identical twin girls are now 6 months old and are absolutely perfect.

After failed pregnancies when I was younger and then three years of trying with no success we came to seek help from you.

After completing some tests we had our consultation with Dr Ah-Moy and discussed our options. Our best chance at having a baby was to undergo IVF with ICSI.

I will never forget Dr Ah-Moye’s comforting words “it’s quality over quantity” and boy was he right! At my eight week scan it was confirmed that in fact I was carrying identical twins. What were the odds! Our girls were born a little early on 2 June 2016 weighing 3lb 6oz and 3lb 4oz. They spent the first five weeks of their lives in special care but have beaten all the odds and are now extremely happy and healthy babies.

We truly cannot thank you all enough, you helped us achieve our dreams of having a family and for that we will be eternally grateful.


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