water damaging our sperm count

Is the water we drink damaging our sperm count?

Scientists in the United States have discovered a direct link between the water we drink and a decline in human sperm count. Concerns that the impact of environmental factors may be damaging our sperm count were raised as long ago as the early 1990s, and these new findings will add weight to the theories that suggest sperm counts will continue to fall during the coming decades.

A team from Washington University have been looking into the effects that bisphenol A (a popular plastics component used in the manufacture of mineral water and other bottled drinks) and estradiol (a synthetic form of oestrogen that is used in contraceptives and enters our sewage systems untreated) have on human and animal sperm count.

The researchers found that mice exposed to bisphenol A and estradiol developed sperm containing cells that were not able to sufficiently complete the meiosis process, causing more sperm to die than would normally be expected.

Research in the UK has also found traces of oestrogen in our tap water. It is recommended that a good water filter will effectively solve the problem.  Bottled water has also been recommended but there is evidence that some plastic bottles contain traces of chemicals that could be harmful to health.  In The Times newspaper (29 Jan 2015) Ashley Grossman, Professor of Endocrinology at Oxford University said that there are lots of chemicals in our environment which have been suspected of causing significant hormonal changes.  He also suggested that we abandon the habit of sipping water from plastic bottles as means of keeping healthier.

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