Gorgeous little Rafe William is in town!

To everyone at Herts & Essex Fertility Centre,

A year ago I never thought I would be writing this card to you all…

A year ago we were about to start our fertility journey and had been highly recommended your wonderful clinic by a really good friend.

The minute we walked in, everyone was so lovely, caring and we knew we had made the right decision.

One round of ICSI later we had our little embryo implanted, none of the other embryos were suitable for freezing so all of our hopes laid with this one working! On the 13th of September, we did a pregnancy test and it was positive and on the 13th of May, our little miracle baby boy, Rafe William, was born at Princess Alexandra in Harlow.

No words can express our thanks to you, our dream has come true!

We can’t wait to bring him in to meet the amazing team that helped bring him into this world!



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