Gorgeous Heath fulfilled his parents dreams

We really can’t thank the staff and their expertise enough at H&E. We are still pinching ourselves that we are parents after becoming very close to believing it would never happen for us. Our little world has been turned upside down and we really couldn’t be happier…

Our beautiful baby boy Heath James was born in April this year (2018).
Heath arrived 2 weeks ahead of his due date with a complicated birth. He weighed 6lb 13oz making a healthy appearance and is now thriving.


Heath was our little miracle that made our dreams come true after 8 very long and emotional years of infertility issues.

Along the way we suffered miscarriages, ectopic pregnancy, 6 unsuccessful IVF’s all of which was a very difficult and emotional journey, however, we did not give up hope.

Although diagnosed with POCS and 1 functioning tube it wasn’t clear why we were having no success and so when all hope felt lost it was suggested that we try egg donation.


We were shocked and thrilled to fall on our first attempt and really cannot put into words how fortunate we are and how eternally grateful we are to the altruistic donor.

If we were able to, we would like to thank her in person, however, we do not know how we would ever be able to put into words how much having Heath has changed our world.


We read the testimonials upon researching into H&E and never in a million years did we think we would be writing about our own success story.

We will never take our family for granted and will send positive thoughts to all of those facing similar journeys.

We hope our story gives others the hope and strength to continue on…Dare to dream xxx

Kindest Regards

Lori, Lee & Heath xxx

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