Freeze Your Eggs For Free

as part of our Egg Sharing programme

We know that many young women today are interested in fertility preservation to enable them to choose to start their families later in life so, in the same way that our Egg Sharing programme helps women to receive free IVF treatment, our Freeze Your Eggs For Free programme provides women with the opportunity to meet the cost of her egg freezing treatment, including the cost of storage for 3 months, while sharing half of her eggs with another woman who needs donated eggs to achieve her dream of motherhood. Further storage time will be charged at the usual egg freezing rate of £360 per year.

Are you eligible to Freeze Your Eggs For Free?

Anyone interested in our Freeze Your Eggs For Free treatment must be fit and healthy, have a BMI of 19-29 and an AMH of 15 or over, be under 32 years of age and meet the HFEA criteria required to become an egg donor.

We will ask that you undertake a comprehensive fertility assessment to confirm that you have the potential to produce enough eggs for two people’s treatment. We are also required to assess your health and your genetic makeup, so you will need to consent to undertake all of the regulatory screening tests. This is to ensure that we are not knowingly passing any inheritable illness on to any child born as a result of your donation.


We are very conscious of the enormous, life-changing gift that our egg share donors make to an infertile couple. It is a very big decision to take and it is important that you think carefully, and understand fully, both the practical implications involved as well as the emotional consequences. It is, therefore, mandatory that you receive professional counselling by an independent counsellor before becoming an egg share donor.

Find out more

If you have any questions about egg freezing, or our Freeze Your Eggs For Free programme, that you would like to discuss, please contact our egg share nurse coordinators, Sarah Templeman on 01992 78 50 67 or Sarah Robinson on 01992 78 50 65.