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Follow-up consultations for when IVF treatment fails

When IVF treatment fails it is a heart-wrenching experience for everyone involved. All we ever want to hear at the end of a patient’s cycle is the good news that they are now pregnant, and looking forward to experiencing their pregnancy and to welcoming their child.

But the reality is that not all cycles are successful, and that sometimes IVF treatment fails. As hard as it is to tell this to patients who are excited to be at the start of their cycle, we always make sure they are aware of the facts and that their treatment does not guarantee a successful pregnancy.

In the unfortunate event that a cycle fails, we encourage all our patients to attend our free follow-up consultation as soon as they feel ready. We do understand that it can be very hard to sit and talk through what has happened, but this meeting is a vital part of our efforts to discuss openly and honestly what may have gone wrong, and why.

There are a number of different reasons why IVF may not work, and it’s important for us to analyse and review each patient’s treatment individually. The more we learn about what went wrong during the failed cycle, the better prepared both the clinic, and you, can be to overcome similar issues during any future cycle.

Occasionally the drug protocols used during a failed cycle need to be altered before any future cycle, or the quality of the sperm used for fertilisation may not have been as good quality as the sample that tested at your fertility assessment. Whatever the reason, your follow-up consultation is a key part of the process in understanding these shortcomings.

Our follow-up consultations are not used to encourage patients to arrange another cycle. If we believe that a new cycle will not produce a positive result (based on the evidence of the unsuccessful cycle) then we will not recommend it. But, if our findings suggest that a new cycle may be successful, especially after some changes to the way things were done previously, then we will discuss this as a possible future option.

Follow-up consultations last around half an hour, and are completely free of charge. They are a great opportunity for patients to ask any questions of our consultants and are valid for three months from the end of your treatment. So, if you can’t face discussing what went wrong so soon after the end of your cycle, you have the option to wait until you feel a little stronger.

We believe that emotional support is an integral part of having fertility treatment and we always encourage patients to take advantage of our free support counselling session. This session is taken with an impartial and independent counsellor and provides patients with the chance to talk openly about your feelings and help you to decide how to move forward.

If you have any questions about our follow-up consultations, or our free counselling sessions, you can get in touch by phone on 01992 78 50 60, by email at enquiries@hertsandessexfertility.com or via our website contact form.


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