Fertility treatment outcome

The time between the embryo transfer and the pregnancy test can be the most difficult, as you wait to find out the outcome of your fertility treatment. Some patients describe a feeling of being in limbo and many find that the days seem to pass by slowly. While there is no formal contact with the clinic staff at this time, we understand how difficult this wait can be. In addition, the odd twinge and those little aches and pains that can be worrying even during a routine pregnancy take on an even greater significance during assisted pregnancies. So if you have any questions, or if you just need some reassurance that all is well, you’re more than welcome to phone in and speak with one of our nurse coordinators. A calming, friendly voice from someone with years of fertility experience at the other end of the telephone can be comforting.

Your pregnancy test will be two weeks from the date of egg collection. We will advise you at embryo transfer of the date for your test, and for this test the first morning urine sample must be used to ensure an accurate result is given. You can purchase a pregnancy test kit from a local pharmacist; we recommend a non-digital test kit be used. There may be circumstances where a blood test is necessary or indicated, and we will advise you accordingly at embryo transfer should you need to attend the clinic for a blood test. Please telephone the nursing team with your pregnancy test result, who will guide your next steps.

If your pregnancy test is positive you will need to continue with your prescribed medication, and we will make you an appointment for an early ultrasound pregnancy scan at the clinic in a further 3-4 weeks. If, however, the test is negative, as soon as you are ready, we will book you a follow-up appointment with one of the clinicians to discuss your cycle, answer any questions you may have and suggest future plans. Follow-up appointments made within three months of your treatment are free of charge.

Please remember, we are more than happy to be a comforting voice, so you can call us at any time: 01992 78 50 60.