Egg collection

On the day of egg collection both partners will need to attend the unit. Today we will harvest your eggs and prepare the semen sample for insemination, which will take place later in the afternoon.

For the egg collection the female partner will be sedated; you will be conscious, but the sedative will make you feel calm, relaxed, and unlikely to feel anything more than a mild discomfort. While you are sedated, one of our consultants will carry out the egg recovery; extracting the eggs using a special needle. We aspirate each follicle individually until we have drained all visible follicles from both ovaries. The egg collection procedure will take approximately thirty minutes, after which you will return to recovery and be cared for by our specialist nursing team.

Shortly after returning to recovery your partner or family member/friend will be able to join you. Before you leave the unit you will need to drink and pass urine. You should allow approximately 2-3 hours for today’s visit. Due to the effects of the sedation, you must not drive for 24 hours after egg collection, please ensure you have provision in place for this.

Before you return home you will be seen by your consultant and an embryologist, who will confirm with you the number of eggs collected, the quality of the semen prepared, and chosen method of insemination. You will also be given a laboratory guide which details what will happen over the forthcoming days as your embryos develop.

To find out more about what happens on the day of egg collection, please call 01992 78 50 75 or email to speak to one of our embryologists.