Payment and cancellation

Payment for treatment

Payment for all treatment packages (IVF, ICSI, IUI, and FER) is due on the day of the first ultrasound scan.

How to pay

Fees for initial consultation are payable in advance. All other charges not included in treatment packages are payable on the same day that they are undertaken.

You can pay by building society or bankers’ drafts (made payable to The Herts and Essex Fertility Centre), debit/credit card (a 1.5% fee is charged on credit card payments).
Personal cheques are not accepted.


Occasionally, on the advice of the medical team, treatment cycles are abandoned because a patient fails to respond or over responds to stimulation. Refunds will be made at the point of cancellation as follows:

• IVF once stimulation has commenced: £2414 refund
• ICSI once stimulation has commenced:  £3264 refund
• IVF failed egg collection or failure to fertilise: £200 refund
• Due to medical complications all embryos frozen and no embryo transfer: No refund
(No charge for subsequent FET excluding medication)
• Frozen embryo failure to survive thawing (including HFEA fee): £775 refund
• IUI refund will depend on number of scans undertaken.(1-2 Scans): £150 per scan

This fee schedule becomes effective 1 January 2013 and supersedes all previous prices.
It may be subject to change without notice.