Fertility info FAQs

Our fertility info FAQs will try to answer the most commonly asked fertility questions. However, if the information you need is not covered here, please call 01992 78 50 60 and speak to one of our nurses.

Q. Do I need a GP or hospital referral letter before I can book a consultation?

A. A referral from your GP or hospital consultant is welcomed but not essential. You can simply contact us to make an appointment for a consultation. Investigations and/or treatment can usually begin immediately after your initial consultation.

Q. How long do I have to wait for a new consultation?

A. Normally about two to three weeks, but it can sometimes be quicker.

Q. Once we have seen the consultant, is there a wait before we can start treatment?

A. There is no actual waiting list to start treatment. You will need to book a Treatment Information Appointment (TIA) with a Nurse Coordinator before treatment begins.

Q. Do we both have to attend the treatment information appointment?

A.  Yes. There are consent forms to be completed with the nurse for both partners.

Q. What are the screening blood tests we need before we start treatment?

A. HIV, Hepatitis B Surface Antigen, Hepatitis Core Antibody, Hepatitis C and Chlamydia (urine) for both partners is required. The female partner will also need a full blood count and Rubella.

Q. When does the treatment have to be paid?

A. Your account should be settled once stimulation has started.

Q. Does my husband/partner have to come with me to the scan appointments?

A. No, but we find many couples do like to attend these appointments together.

Q. How many times do I need to attend during the course of my treatment?

A. You will need to attend the nurse treatment information appointment and a further three scans, on average, before the egg collection appointment. Then the embryo transfer takes place a few days later.

Q. How long do the scan appointments take?

A. Your appointment time for the scan is 15 minutes. You will need to see a nurse afterwards for a few minutes to get your medication and further instructions.

Q. At what time should I do my injections?

A. You can choose a suitable time of day to start your injections and then keep to that time every day. Cetrotide should be taken in the morning

Q. Do the drugs have to go in the fridge?

A. We like you to store most of the drugs in the fridge but there are a few which can be kept at room temperature. You will be advised which is which.

Q. Do I need time off work after egg collection (EC)?

A. You will have a sedation for the operation which means that you will not be able to drive, operate machinery of any kind or sign legal documents for at least 24 hours.

Q. Do I need time off work after the embryo transfer (ET)?

A. The embryo transfer is like having a smear test. You can go back to work afterwards.

Q. Can I exercise whilst having treatment?

A. You can exercise as normal but after the embryo transfer, you should avoid heavy lifting and strenuous exercise.

Q. What kind of side effects will I have with the medication?

A. You may not always have side effects. Common side effects for the down regulation drugs are those of the menopause (tiredness, hot flushes, night sweats, mood swings).
You may have bloating of the abdomen and breast tenderness with the stimulation drugs.

Q. When and where do I use my pessary on the day of transfer?

A. On the day of your transfer, it is advisable to use your Cyclogest pessary rectally.
Do not use Crinone Gel until after the embryo transfer (ET).

Q. Will I bleed after egg collection?

A. Because your eggs would have been collected through your vagina using a needle, you may experience some discomfort post operatively and a small amount of bleeding. The bleeding should resolve in a day or two.

Q. Will I bleed between egg collection and embryo transfer?

A. There is an initial small post-operative bleed for a day or so. If the treatment has failed, you will get a bleed around about the pregnancy test day. Sometimes, you can be pregnant and also have a bleed as well.