Premature ovarian ageing

As women age their reserve of eggs available for monthly ovulation naturally declines. However, one in ten women experience a significant decline in egg reserve earlier than they should, this is known as premature ovarian ageing (POA). If you suffer from an autoimmune disorder (eg thyroid disease or rheumatoid arthritis), endometriosis or have had any operations involving your ovaries, you’re particularly at risk of premature ovarian ageing (POA).

Women with POA typically have difficulty conceiving naturally, or even with the help of fertility treatment, especially if that treatment isn’t right for their fertility status. A prompt diagnosis and early treatment is vital because the decline in ovarian reserve can be quite rapid once it begins.

A simple blood test (anti-Mullerian hormone – AMH; and follicle stimulating hormone – FSH) along with an ultrasound scan (antral follicle count) with age-specific interpretation will diagnose the condition.

Whereas premature ovarian failure (POF) for the most part requires donor eggs for a successful pregnancy, we have above average success rates in carefully selected patients with premature ovarian ageing using their own eggs.

How do I arrange the tests?

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