Evidence of sperm counts declining

A Study published in the latest edition of the Journal of Human Reproduction, which ranks amongst the top two fertility journals in the world, show that the sperm count in 26, 600 French men, has declined by a third (32.3%) over a 16 year period up to 2005.  This represents an almost 2% drop every year.

The study also found that the percentage of physically normal sperm per specimen dropped by a third (33.4%). We know that physically abnormal sperm cannot fertilise eggs.

The study was carried out using data from almost all the IVF Clinics in France, a total of 126 clinics. It confirms what many studies have already shown, that there is a general decline in human sperm count and quality over the years.  The decline might be due to environmental factors such as chemicals in food, water and in the atmosphere.  Unhealthy diet may also be implicated.

Even though the trend is worrying there is no cause for panic at this stage as the average sperm count per millilitre (50 million) is still well above the lower limit of normal (15 million).

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