Elen & Ben

From the moment we walked into the Herts & Essex Fertility Centre we felt comfortable and welcomed.  From the reception staff through to the medical staff and all the way to the finance office we received such caring and thoughtful service. It is never easy to undergo IVF however with the support and professionalism of the Herts & Essex team we managed the process well. Dr David Ogutu took us through the protocol we would undergo, he broke down all the steps of the process and sent us away with clear and coherent information and a sense of hope. Every treatment, appointment and scan was scheduled to fit around us and was as informative and hopeful as our first meeting with Dr Ogutu.  We started to look forward to seeing the team with the highlight always being having a giggle and catch up with Angela in the finance office at the end of each visit. 16 months after our first appointment and we were back at the clinic again only this time to show off Baby Edward who was born perfectly formed in March 2016.  We are proud to have an IVF miracle for a son and know from the look on all the faces when we returned to visit the team that this pride is truly shared by them! We would highly recommend the Herts & Essex Fertility Centre to anyone who needs a little support, hope and professional expertise to conceive; they work miracles!

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