Egg sharing, egg donation and sperm donation – Looking on the bright side!

Egg sharing brings together two women who need fertility treatment. One who is unable to afford it and the other who is unable to produce their own eggs.

The HFEA have recently made some important decisions regarding the use of egg and sperm donation in the UK. The Authority has agreed to take a proactive approach to donor recruitment, retention and care by working with the IVF sector, professional bodies and voluntary organisations to raise awareness, improve the care of donors and ensure that donation continues to take place within a safe and ethical environment.

We at the Herts & Essex Fertility centre were very pleased to hear the news that the HFEA will continue to support Egg sharing schemes within the UK and we will continue to be compliant in order that our donors and recipients receive the very best of care in the safest environment.

Egg sharing is a very commonly misconceived choice for infertility treatment. Herts & Essex Fertility have been running a very successful programme with very favourable results for 3 years now, and are proud to say that our waiting list remains at approximately 6 months despite our number of cycles increasing by double.

The common misconceptions are that the recipient will receive eggs from an infertile woman or that their treatment will be less successful by only receiving half of the donor’s eggs. Our results table below clearly identifies that these myths are unfounded.

Egg Sharers Number of treatments Pregnancy Rate On-going Pregnancy Rate Live Birth Rate
Egg Sharing Donors 133 59.5% 44.4% 38.5%
Egg Sharing Recipients 133 58.7% 46.3% 39.8%


Altruistic Donors Number of treatments Pregnancy Rate On-going Pregnancy Rate Live Birth Rate
Egg Recipients 51 60.0% 51.1% 42.2%

This was a post from November 2011 – Results will have changed.

The new scheme will also include:

  • For sperm donors, a fixed sum of £35 per visit including expenses
  • For egg donors, a fixed sum of £750 per cycle of donation including expenses (This will not include our egg sharers)
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