Egg Sharing and Egg Donation – sharing our results

Our current campaign to encourage women to donate their eggs is proving to be successful and we now have no waiting time for Caucasian eggs and a shorter wait for Black and Asian eggs.

The concept of egg sharing is becoming more widely understood in the UK and the idea of receiving a free cycle of IVF for donating some of your eggs a more common practice.  It brings together women who want treatment but who are unable to afford it with those who are unable to produce their own eggs.

The figures below give an indication of the success rates you can expect as part of an egg share pairing or as a recipient using eggs donated altruistically (that is, given for their own sake and not as part of an egg share scheme*).  These are the figures for the Herts & Essex Fertility Centre; they include data from January 2012 to May 2013 and have been verified by the HFEA.

Egg Sharers Positive test per embryo transfer Clinical  Pregnancy Rate per embryo transfer Live Birth Rate per embryo transfer
Egg Sharing Donors 56.3% 42.5% 40%
Egg Sharing Recipients 64.4% 55.6% 45.6%

Altruistic Donors Positive test per embryo transferClinical Pregnancy Rate per embryo transferLive Birth Rate per embryo transfer

Egg Recipients 57.7% 44.2% 34.6%

As an HFEA-licensed clinic we comply with their guidelines for recruiting egg donors.  All would-be egg donors have to be less than 36 years of age and have their health and genetic makeup assessed.  There is also a legal requirement for the egg donor to give written consent for the use of donated eggs in treatment.

The Herts & Essex Fertility Centre runs the second most successful egg donation programme in the UK.

*Our altruistic egg donors receive a fixed sum of £750 per cycle of donation including expenses (this does not include our egg sharers)

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