Egg donation in the UK

An article in the Liverpool Echo in January was confirmation, if any was needed, that there is still a lack of awareness surrounding the processes of Egg Donation and the availability of donor eggs in this country.

The story follows the sadly familiar anguish of a couple, Stephanie and Shaun both in their late thirties, finding out that they need egg donation in order for IVF to be successful.  They have now been on the waiting list for a suitable donor for two years. This wait for donor eggs is compounding their initial fertility problems by adding the age factor (it is well recognised that a woman’s fertility shows a sharp decline from the age of 35).

The conclusion that the couple have drawn is that there are simply no donors coming forward and they are using their own situation to encourage women to ask themselves if they could donate some eggs to help another woman achieve a successful pregnancy.

This is an issue we sought to address with our own ‘Donate the Gift of Life’ campaign, which has been running since October 2013.   We are keen to raise awareness that the law in this country does allow donors to be paid compensation for donating their eggs.  We pay our egg donors £750 in expenses.   Consequently we have seen a rise in numbers of women wishing to donate their eggs altruistically.  We have also seen a rise in the number of women wishing to take part in our Egg Share scheme whereby they share half their eggs with another woman, and in return they receive one free cycle of IVF: helping someone in need, to help themselves.  The campaign has been so successful that we are now actively seeking women who require donor eggs to complete their fertility treatment.


At the Herts & Essex Fertility Centre we have Caucasian egg donors ready to be matched with women needing eggs.  So it is women like Stephanie, in need of donor eggs whom we are able to offer immediate help.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss the implications of becoming an egg donor or if you are need IVF treatment using donor eggs.

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