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Egg Donation – how you are reimbursed

The Herts & Essex Fertility Centre runs one of the most successful donation programmes in the UK. Fortunately we are seeing a steady increase in the number of woman prepared to make altruistic donations of their eggs and we are keen to make the process as easy to understand as possible.

One area that is not always clear is how you will be reimbursed if you choose to become a donor. We are regulated by the Human Fertilisation and Embryo Authority (HFEA) and are not allowed to give payment for donations, this is to ensure that people who choose to donate are not motivated by any financial gain. However, the HFEA does allow for an expenses payment of £750 to be made to women who donate their eggs altruistically, which is to cover for your time off work, travel, accommodation etc.

If you are interested in becoming an egg donor we will arrange an initial appointment with one of our specialist nurses to discuss fully the implications, both legal and treatment-related, and to assess if you are suitable. All egg donors must be under 36 years of age and produce good quality eggs. You will be asked to have a comprehensive fertility assessment to confirm that you are suitable and we will need confirmation from your family doctor that you are fit and healthy with no family history of inherited diseases.

Once it has been confirmed that you are a suitable donor, and you fully understand what you are undertaking and feel happy to continue, you will start a series of hormone injections culminating in a minor operation to collect your eggs. All of this is done on an outpatient basis at our clinic in Cheshunt. These procedures usually take place over the course of one month then, one week after your eggs have been collected, we transfer £750 to your bank account.

All donation is confidential so you will not know who has received your eggs, but any child or children born from your donated eggs are legally entitled to approach the HFEA to trace their biological mothers once they reach 18 years of age.

If you have any questions regarding egg donation, or you already know that you would like to become an egg donor, please call Sarah or Paula on 01992 78 50 65 or 01992 78 50 67.

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