Coffee and cake lowers IVF success

IVF success can be lowered by heavy coffee drinking and a diet jam packed with saturated fats. A study revealed that saturated fats (butter, fatty meats and cheese) can lower the number of eggs produced during IVF treatment, where as a ‘Mediterranean diet’ (olive oil and avocados) boosted birth rates.

Drinking more than five cups of coffee a day can hinder a successful pregnancy as much as smoking. However it is not known if the effects are similar with other caffeinated drinks. There are lots of substances within coffee and therefore it is only assumed that caffeine is the culprit.

The British Coffee Association (BCA) states that there is “no harmful effects” with low caffeine consumption. Dr Euan Paul (executive director of BCA) said “For pregnant women or those trying to conceive, an upper limit of 200mg of caffeine per day is perfectly safe” (the equivalent of 2-3 cups of coffee a day).

A good life style is needed to conceive naturally and through IVF.  See our nutritional advice on the Wellbeing section of our website.

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