Charming Florence is almost 18months!

Hello! We just thought we would give you an update on Florence as she heads towards being 1 and a half years old already!

Florence is such a joy and is a really happy, funny, strong and confident little girl.

She is a chatterbox, cuddly and loving, loves animals, building things with her stickle bricks, running around the garden with a ball, and reading her books with us.

Florence has been going to weekly swimming lessons since she was 3 months old, so she is coming on leaps and bounds with that now. It still amazes us when she holds onto the side of the pool herself, and can run across a floating board then jump into the pool!

She also goes to a toddler gym class, which she really loves. She enjoys climbing, sliding, jumping off platforms, and going through tunnels.

She started ballet classes last Friday as she has loved to dance since she could walk (and before that she would dance on the floor)! We have to admit it is the cutest thing ever!

All of you at H&E have helped us to have a little girl who just lights up the world. She really is so special. She seems to have an aura around her that just draws people to her. It is amazing to watch.

We are forever grateful to you all, and we promise to make sure that we bring up Florence to be the best person she can be, and a credit to us all.

Thank you again! 

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