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Celebrating alternative families

At the Herts & Essex Fertility Centre we support all those wishing to be parents regardless of sexual orientation or relationship status. We feel strongly that it does not matter “who you are” when deciding to have children in the future. We are happy to help you understand the treatment options and the support available to you.

In June, we met many would-be mums and dads at London Pride 2013, which had attracted tens of thousands of people to the streets of the Capital. The parade began in Baker Street, passed through Oxford Street, Piccadilly and Trafalgar Square before finally ending at Whitehall.

For pictures of our fun filled day check out our Facebook page at

Our stand in the family area at St Anne’s Gardens in Soho had numerous visitors and families who were delighted with our souvenir wrist bands, whistles and sweets. Our team thoroughly enjoyed meeting people face-to-face, providing impartial advice and giving details of treatment options available at Herts & Essex.

This included information on:

Donor sperm

We have a well-stocked in-house donor sperm bank for use when undergoing treatment at the Herts & Essex. For more details please visit our Alternative Families section on our website.

For patients who require ethnic minority sperm or have detailed/or specific requirements which may not be met by our in-house donor bank, we can import sperm from other banks. Our service is individually personalised, and we provide every support needed to ensure that the process is as stress-free as possible.

If you would like further details on selecting donor sperm please contact Stephanie Engley or Lynne Glover on 01992 78 50 75.

Donor eggs

At the Herts & Essex Fertility Centre, we can offer you treatment with donor eggs in less than 6 months. With our short waiting list and our current live birth rate of 44.8% (the national average is 32.4%) we offer you a genuine chance for your dream to become a reality.

Free IVF

Many women take part in our Egg Sharing Programme. In this programme, you will receive free IVF treatment if you anonymously donate half the eggs collected from you to another recipient, in that same cycle. We are proud to say we have the most successful Egg Share Programme in the UK. Our live birth rate for egg recipients in 2012 was 44.8%.

The HFEA stipulates that an egg donor must be under 36 years of age. You will have several blood tests and investigations to confirm your suitability before you become an Egg Share Donor.

Egg donation partner-to-partner

One of the most popular forms of donation for lesbian women at Herts & Essex is Partner Donation. This is when one partner donates her eggs for the other partner to carry the embryos. This can either be self-funded or as part of our Egg Share Programme. We will be on hand to help guide you through the process in selecting a suitable sperm donor.


There are now numerous ways by which gay men can become fathers. Surrogacy treatment has become increasingly popular. We provide a full treatment service using the surrogate’s own eggs or by using donated eggs.

We are delighted that 63% of our surrogacy patients have achieved a clinical pregnancy for all our surrogacy treatments in 2012/13.

For more information on any of the above options please feel free to contact Paula Lynch or Sarah Templeman on 01992 78 50 65.


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