Andy Glew

Boxer shorts may help!

A recent study looking at lifestyle and sperm quality has been published and was first announced by one of the authors, Dr Allan Pacey when he was speaking at our clinic in March 2012.

The study published in the Human Reproduction journal suggested that alcohol, obesity and and even recreational drugs did not appear to affect the sperm quality in men. However the authors did warn that the advice is obviously to be in good health when looking at conception.

Lifestyle checks have to be made but this report highlighted that delays in treatment to put certain check in place may be futile. The one area that did show a significant difference between men with poor sperm and those with good sperm was the use of boxer shorts. Loose underpants clearly do have a positive impact on the quality of sperm.

Dr Allan Pacey from the University of Sheffield said: “In spite of our results, it’s important that men continue to follow sensible health advice and watch their weight, stop smoking and drink alcohol within sensible limits. But there is no need for them to become monks just because they want to be a dad.”

“Although if they are a fan of tight Y-fronts, then switching underpants to something a bit looser for a few months might be a good idea.”

There are other measures of fertility, such as the size and shape of the sperm or the quality of the sperms’ DNA, which were not considered in the study.

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